Avoid Greasy Meatloaf With A Genius Bread Hack

When it comes to a filling and wholesome meal, you really can't go wrong with meatloaf. When making the dish, you generally want to use ground beef with a higher fat content. Otherwise, you run the risk of the meatloaf becoming a dried-out husk. However, a high fat content can also leave the meatloaf greasier than you might like. Fortunately, there's a simple trick that can prevent the dish from becoming overly greasy. All it takes is a couple of pieces of bread under the loaf to sop up excess grease and ensure the perfect meaty texture.

Along with improving the finished product, placing bread under the meatloaf also makes for an easier removal process when the meal is done cooking. Pooling grease can cause the meat to become stuck, and attempts at removing it may result in a broken loaf. With a layer of bread, you can remove the meatloaf from the pan without issue. Additionally, you can also incorporate the bread into your meal since it will be laden with all those tasty meat juices.

What should you do with the bread afterward?

It's totally fine to get rid of the bread you've placed under your meatloaf to catch the grease, but that's not your only option. Some home chefs opt to toast the meaty, grease-soaked bread and use it to make a meatloaf sandwich. This is the perfect way to enjoy leftover meatloaf on subsequent days, as the flavor-packed bread will elevate flavors even further. Because of the grease, it's best to toast the bread in your oven or toaster oven, as opposed to a pop-up toaster (as the grease drips pose a fire hazard).

Along with tasty meatloaf sandwiches, you can also reconstitute the bread for breakfast the following morning. In this case, dice up the bread into smaller pieces, then transfer the pieces to a small sandwich bag. You can also add seasonings like salt, pepper, or herbs to the bag if you'd like the bread cubes to have a more complex flavor. Simply combine the bread pieces with your favorite scrambled egg recipe, and you'll get to enjoy an unbelievable breakfast treat.

Other ways to prevent meatloaf from being too greasy

While the meatloaf-bread hack is very effective, there are other options you can use to divert some of the grease from your meal. A single-use aluminum pan usually reserved for baking bread allows you to make a few holes in the bottom. You can now place the meatloaf in the aluminum pan, then place that pan on a baking sheet and put the whole thing into the oven. The holes will allow excess grease to run out, which will be caught by the baking sheet.

Similarly, you can place a baking rack over the sheet and place the meatloaf on top of the rack. This option is ideal if you're making a larger meatloaf, which might not be able to fit into a bread pan. It also allows you to cook multiple loaves at once, as you'll be able to spread them out across the wire rack. Just don't forget to place the baking sheet under the rack. Otherwise, you may be faced with cleaning up a huge oven mess once your meal is complete.