Don't Lose Hope If You Miss Any Weekly Aldi Finds. Here's What To Do

Aldi shoppers are downright devoted to the discount grocery store. Along with affordable groceries, the chain woos customers with its Aldi Finds, which are specialty items available at unbelievable prices. As stated on the company website, customers can only purchase Aldi Finds "for a limited time and while supplies last." (That means you may be disappointed upon arriving at the store only to see that a sought-after item has already sold out.) Fortunately, the chain won't hesitate to include a coveted item in a future selection of Aldi Finds, so it's possible to snag a product the second time around.

As for what type of products are included within the Aldi Finds listings, customers can expect quite a bit of variety. Seasonal items, such as décor, are usually present, as are home goods for the kitchen and bathroom. Aldi also stocks a decent assortment of apparel, including footwear, pants, and undergarments, for both kids and adults. Groceries often make their way into the selection, and foods typically have some seasonal or holiday appeal. 

Because Aldi Finds are so tempting, customers naturally want to know immediately when they're available so they can plan their shopping excursions accordingly.

When will new Aldi Finds become available at the store?

One way to improve your chance of snagging an amazing product from Aldi before supplies run out is knowing when the store typically makes new Aldi Finds available. In this case, Reddit offers some helpful information to dedicated Aldi shoppers. 

According to a self-identified employee at the grocery store chain, some stores debut new finds on Wednesday, while others make Aldi Finds available on Sundays. It all depends on the practices at your nearest location, so it helps to check with specific stores before planning a shopping trip.

The employee also notes that Aldi Finds may be stocked the day before. That means a store that normally provides new products on Wednesday might have items available Tuesday, while Sunday's Aldi Finds could possibly become available the preceding Saturday. The staff member also backs up the assertion that some Aldi Finds make their way back to the store after the initial run, stating, "What we have out is what we have out and we will never get it again until it comes around next time."

How to avoid missing out at Aldi

Because there's no indication when — or even if — an Aldi Find will return to store shelves, customers must be proactive when it comes to new products. In this case, you can review the latest batch of Aldi Finds by visiting Aldi's website. Each week, new Aldi Finds are listed on the site to ensure shoppers know exactly what's available at a given time. You can even get a glimpse of next week's selection by reviewing the Upcoming Finds section. This sneak preview not only lists items, but it also provides the dates during which these goods will be available.

If you receive your hometown paper each week, look for the Aldi insert to see what's new at the store. The insert also offers information on Aldi's weekly ads, which feature groceries and other goods that are currently available for unbeatable prices. 

If checking the website or newspaper ads each week seems a touch too daunting, Aldi offers a more convenient option. By signing up for the store's newsletter, you'll receive information on Aldi Finds directly, which can help you get to the store in time before the limited selection runs out.