Popeyes Is Bringing Cajun Turkey Back For Thanksgiving 2023. Here's How To Snag One

Whether it's Popeyes' new sweet and spicy wings or old classics, such as the signature chicken box, the restaurant knows how to cook chicken. But did you know that the fast-food chain also sells seasoned whole turkeys for Thanksgiving? Popeyes' Cajun-flavored frozen turkeys have become a Thanksgiving classic and fan-favorite, not only because of the mouth-watering flavor of the bird but also because of the ease of cooking. Popeyes' Cajun turkeys are precooked — all you have to do is thaw the bird and pop it in the oven to reheat for about two hours for a perfectly cooked and juicy turkey.

This year, the fast-food chain has already begun accepting orders for the delivery of frozen birds. However, in-store pickup will not be available until October 17. Last year, buying the frozen bird cost around $94.99 online, including delivery, and $49.99 for in-store pickup. This year looks to be about the same, with the price of online delivery costing around $99.99 (although it may vary depending on location). However, the price of the bird when purchased for in-store pick up is as of yet unverified.

What to expect from the Popeyes Cajun turkey

Since its release in 2018, Popeyes' Cajun turkey has become a beloved classic by foodies and Thanksgiving enthusiasts alike. According to commenters on the New Orleans forum on Reddit, the Popeyes Cajun turkey has the perfect flavor and is "not too salty or super spicy, just really tasty and very moist." (Considering New Orleans is the capital of Cajun food, we'll take their word for it.) 

Plus, just think about all of the interesting things you can do with the leftovers. You can make an incredible cajun-flavored turkey sandwich or even use the leftovers to make gumbo, as suggested by another commenter in the same Reddit thread.

According to the restaurant's website, Popeyes' Cajun turkey feeds eight to 12 people, and the frozen birds will arrive within one to three business days of ordering. As with a regular frozen turkey, you'll need to build in three days to allow the bird to thaw before reheating.