The Simple Way To Clean The Gunk Out From Behind Your Fridge Drawers

While refrigerator drawers are ideal for storing fruits and vegetables, they can be a source of frustration when it comes time for cleaning. Foods and liquids can easily creep into the space behind drawers, where they'll remain concealed and hard to reach. And when it comes time to clean the appliance, you may be faced with some tough stains. Fortunately, cleaning this area is easy when you use the right technique. Start by removing the drawers to access any stains that may be hidden from view. From here, you'll want to gather a sponge, warm water, and mild dish soap.

Dampen the sponge with warm water and apply a bit of the dish soap. Next, rub the sponge around the area to remove any stains that have accumulated. For the best results, clean behind refrigerator drawers about once every three months, as a regular cleaning schedule prevents stains from accumulating to an alarming degree. The dish soap should be effective at lifting stains unless they're especially stubborn. In this case, it's time to add another cleaning agent into the mix.

Baking soda is ideal for major scrubbing action

Baking soda is a great cleaning solution in the kitchen. The chemical makeup of baking soda means that it can effectively break down tough stains, including those resulting from food and liquid spills. Despite its impressive stain-fighting ability, baking soda also lacks the harsh chemicals found in many store-bought cleaners. That means you can use it with confidence in the kitchen.

To clean your refrigerator with baking soda, take some of the powder and apply it directly to any tough stains. At this point, lightly wet a kitchen sponge and use the abrasive side to scrub the stain. The combination of the abrasive sponge texture and baking soda should remove stains quite easily. You can also use warm water and dish soap to clean up any excess baking soda that remains behind after cleaning. If you're still faced with stains behind your refrigerator drawers, there is one more cleaning technique to try.

How to address ultra tough stains in your refrigerator

Particularly sticky stains may remain in your refrigerator even after treatment with baking soda. In this case, head to your bathroom and locate a tube of white toothpaste (the color of the toothpaste is important, as brands with coloring agents may impart their own stains in the refrigerator). Toothpaste uses abrasive ingredients like silica to scrub plaque and food stains from teeth. These abrasives are also effective at eliminating stains from other places, including your kitchen's most essential appliance.

Take the toothpaste and apply a small amount to the stain. Next, lightly dampen a scrubby sponge and rub it over the toothpaste. Keep in mind that you may have to scrub vigorously to loosen the sticky debris and remove it. Once the stain is gone, rinse the spot with water to eliminate any lingering toothpaste residue. Now you can enjoy a spotless refrigerator free of stubborn stains and foul odors, provided that you stick with your routine cleaning regimen.