The Keurig Hack For Boiling Water Lightning-Fast

While you may be familiar with using a Keurig coffee maker to exclusively brew, well, coffee, these machines are much more versatile than you think. You can actually do a lot with your Keurig, including using it to boil water.

Many Americans swear by their coffee machines, but kettles aren't as widely celebrated. Well, you can quickly turn a Keurig into a kettle by doing one simple thing: Ditching the Keurig cup. Keurig machines work by piercing coffee pods and then dispensing hot water through the hole. As the water slips through the coffee grounds, a steaming cup of coffee is ready for consumption. Removing the coffee pod from a Keurig leaves only boiling water, which you can use to make many different things, from a cup of tea to a cup of ramen noodles. This hack is particularly handy when you're feeling impatient or don't have another heating device nearby. So, if you just can't wait for that pot of water to boil on the stove — or don't have a stove available — here's exactly how to make yourself an instant cup of hot water with a Keurig machine.

How to try out this Keurig water hack

If you need boiling water fast, using the Keurig is the way to go. First, remember that every machine is different, so refer to the instruction manual prior to trying this. Lift the K-cup dispenser and close it again without inserting a K-cup into it. Select your desired amount of water, press the button, and let your Keurig brew as usual. Your boiling water should be ready in about one minute.

One reason why this hack is good to have in your pocket is because it's cost-effective. If you run out of tea K-cups, you can brew a cup of boiling water and use a regular tea bag instead; there is no need to run out to buy another box of pods. Drink options aside, there's a lot more you can make with the boiling water from a Keurig. (This might be one of the reasons why Keurig machines are so expensive.)

What to keep in mind about this hack

Sure, Keurig machines are made to brew coffee and tea, but since it is essentially just a boiling water dispenser, it can make a whole lot more than that. Instant ramen, oatmeal, pasta, or soup; you name it, and your Keurig can probably cook it.

Keep in mind that the temperature of a Keurig's water hovers consistently around 192 F, so it's a little under the boiling point of 212. If your food item or beverage requires a different temperature, keep an eye on the product to ensure it's cooked.

Another thing to remember about a Keurig is that it is designed to brew coffee, so you should complete at least one test run of plain hot water before adding it to anything. This prevents your dish from smelling or tasting like a watered-down cup of coffee. If you follow all these steps, your instant cup of hot water should be ready in a flash.