Ice Breakers Raspberry Lemon Seltzer Sparkling Mints Review: Fizzy Mints For Grown Ups

Ice Breakers has been producing mints that freshen your breath since it was created in the 1990s by Nabisco. It was acquired in 2000 by The Hershey Company, which has since expanded the brand to include chewing gum, fruit-flavored mints, and sour candies. Its latest creation may be one of its most exciting yet.

The Raspberry Lemon Seltzer Sparkling Mints marries the flavor crystals that Ice Breakers have long been known for with a fizzy component reminiscent of sparkling water with a twist. The tartness of the lemon paired with the slightly sweet and tangy raspberries is a distinct fusion of flavors unlike anything else in the Ice Breakers catalog. These treats are designed to freshen your breath and provide a multisensory experience that will knock your socks off.

We had the opportunity to sample this novel effervescent mint ourselves. Our criteria were a bit more complex than usual, factoring in the aroma, flavor, execution of creating a mint reminiscent of seltzer water, and whether the mint left our breath and mouths feeling refreshed. That is a tall order for one tiny mint.

What does Ice Breakers Raspberry Lemon Seltzer Sparkling Mints taste like?

When we opened the Ice Breakers Raspberry Lemon Seltzer Sparkling Mints, our noses were greeted with a burst of lemonade aroma. This made us want to dive in immediately. We placed a single mint on our tongues and allowed it to begin slowly warming up. As the mint started to dissolve, the slightly tart and sweet raspberry flavor began to creep through, counterbalancing the slight pucker we got from the lemon, which made our mouths water.

A few moments later, the seltzer fizzy component began to emerge. For lack of a better comparison, this reminded us of a grown-up, sophisticated version of Pop Rocks that didn't stick to your teeth or taste overly synthetic. It had a mild fizziness that was both novel and appealing. It tapped into a bit of childhood nostalgia that had us feeling a bit giggly as we allowed the mint to dissolve completely.

Once the mint had disappeared, we were left with a pleasant, fruity, tingly, slightly acidic, yet altogether delightful taste and sensation across our tongues and mouths. We enjoyed the experience so much that we immediately popped another one into our mouths. 

Nutritional information for Ice Breakers Raspberry Lemon Seltzer Sparkling Mints

Ice Breakers Raspberry Lemon Seltzer Sparkling Mints are sugar-free, containing less than five calories and just 15 milligrams of sodium per mint. Primary ingredients include sorbitol, baking soda, citric acid, malic acid, maltitol, maltodextrin, natural and artificial flavors, hydrogenated vegetable oil, magnesium stearate, aspartame, gum acacia, lecithin, and artificial colorings, including Yellow 5, Red 40, Blue 1, and Yellow 6.

Allergens listed include soy. These products are gluten-free but not vegan or vegetarian-friendly. There is also a disclaimer that this product contains xylitol and is unsafe for dogs to ingest. If a dog accidentally does eat one, seek the attention of a veterinarian immediately.

While this isn't necessarily a deal breaker, it is perhaps important to note that according to Healthline, some food dyes have been implicated with increasing hyperactivity in sensitive children, being carcinogenic, and potentially causing allergies. These dyes make up 2% or less of the ingredients listed on the nutrition label, so unless you are consuming an entire container of mints in a day, which may be tempting, your risk is likely minimal.

Where you can find Ice Breakers Raspberry Lemon Seltzer Sparkling Mints and how much will they set you back?

According to The Hershey Company, Ice Breakers Raspberry Lemon Seltzer Sparkling Mints are available in 1.5-ounce packs from retailers nationwide. You can locate a retailer in your area via the Product Locator page of the Hershey Land website. Please note that pricing is at the sole discretion of the retailer.

To obtain these mints online, they are available from the Hershey's Store for $2.49 per package. These products are Cool Ship eligible for those living in warmer climates. They are also available via Amazon in a box containing eight 1.5-ounce packages if you want to stock up.

Additionally, due to varying availability, it's advisable to check multiple sources. Some local stores may offer promotions or discounts, and online platforms might have bundle deals. Always check the expiration date when purchasing in bulk. Remember, taste and freshness are paramount.

The final verdict

If you are looking for a novel way to freshen your breath while having fun, look no further than the Ice Breakers Raspberry Lemon Seltzer Sparkling Mints. We may have been skeptical about these mints going into this tasting and should not have been. We were pleasantly surprised with how much we enjoyed them and how well they mimicked the fizziness of seltzer water.

As to whether or not they freshened our breath, the answer is yes. While these may not have been a classic breath freshener in that a minty flavor masks any odors, it does promote saliva production. As Johns Hopkins Medicine notes, one of the most common causes of bad breath is dry mouth, so increased saliva production can only be helpful, not to mention these leave a pleasant fruity flavor in your mouth.

Finally, this is the perfect product if you want something tasty and unique to suck on to help stave off hunger, keep your mouth occupied, or have a quick sugar-free treat. We plan to stock up and have a package ready in our bags from work to the gym.