How To Get Mayo As A Dipping Sauce At McDonald's

To some people, the idea of dipping French fries in mayonnaise is an egregious culinary offense. To others, if you aren't dunking your fries in mayo, you aren't truly living – which is why many McDonald's customers are so perplexed by the chain's lack of dippable mayo. While it's a common topping for McDonald's sandwiches, specifically chicken, mayonnaise is not provided in packets like ketchup and mustard, two staple condiments when it comes to French fries. Fortunately, you may be able to secure mayo for dipping at McDonald's by asking nicely.

To utilize this mayo hack, head to the condiment station where ketchup and mustard are typically found. Take one of the paper condiment cups and make your way towards the counter, then ask McDonald's staff if they'd be willing to fill the cup with mayo. Keep in mind that some staff may not honor the request, or they may be unable to provide additional condiments due to store policy. Also, not all restaurants use paper condiment cups, and instead hand out individual packets. If you're wondering why it's so hard to score your favorite condiment at this famous fast-food chain, it appears to be an issue of demand.

Why doesn't McDonald's offer mayonnaise as a condiment?

Fast food restaurants are all about customer satisfaction, and McDonald's is no exception. Accordingly, it's a little odd that the chain won't offer mayonnaise as a condiment, especially when you consider how fervently customers request it. In the U.K., a petition was launched to entice McDonald's to add mayonnaise to its list of condiments. While the petition is now closed, it received an impressive 1,820 signatures, no doubt from frustrated mayonnaise lovers in search of the perfect topping for their fries.

So, why does the iconic fast food chain refuse to add mayonnaise to its condiment selection? The restaurant actually responded to a query posed by Cosmopolitan, which wondered why mayo was not included as a dipping option for French fries in locations throughout the U.K. A spokesperson at the chain replied, "What we offer in our restaurants is based on customer demand. We don't currently have any plans for mayonnaise to be made available."

Consider that mayo as a fry condiment is even less common in the U.S. as compared to countries throughout Europe. Accordingly, it's safe to say that it's even less likely for mayonnaise to appear as a condiment in American McDonald's locations.

Will mayo ever get its day in the sun?

One major reason why mayonnaise is not as ubiquitous as a fast-food condiment probably has to do with the fact that it must be refrigerated once opened. Mayo manufacturers claimed otherwise in 2016, as they highlighted their product's ability to remain shelf-stable outside of the refrigerator for up to one week. This led to an increase in mayonnaise shipments after more shelf-stable products were introduced, and this boost in sales was beyond what was experienced by ketchup and mustard during the same time period.

Mayonnaise continued to rise in popularity in 2020, when it became the best-selling condiment in America. Estimates show that U.S. residents spend $2 billion on mayonnaise annually, as compared to the $800 million spent on ketchup. However, the increase in mayo consumption is attributed to the appeal of the condiment on sandwiches, and not necessarily as an accompaniment to crispy fast-food French fries. Perhaps if mayonnaise continues its surging popularity, McDonald's will change its policy and officially add it as a fry condiment. Until that time, mayo lovers will need to rely on the kindness of McDonald's staff to get their fix.