The Only 3 Costco Items Required For A Mouthwatering Steak And Cheese Sandwich

Have you been craving a homemade steak and cheese sandwich lately? If so, everything you need can be found at your local Costco. Even better, members of the warehouse retail chain will only need three items to satisfy their taste buds. Because the foundation of a delicious steak sandwich is juicy, succulent steak, the first step in your sandwich journey is to procure Cuisine Solutions Grass-Fed Beef Sirloin. In addition to its flavor and texture, Redditors think this product offers unbelievable convenience since it's precooked, preseasoned, and presliced right out of the package. However, heating up the steak and other ingredients is recommended for an optimal dining experience.

To warm up the sliced sirloin, set your oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and prepare a baking sheet with a lining of parchment paper to stop the steak from sticking. Take some slices from the sirloin package and arrange them on the sheet. It should only take about four or five minutes for the steak to reach the proper temperature, but you'll also need to prep your other sandwich ingredients.

The perfect bread for a perfect steak sandwich

Costco is best known for its many convenient bulk offers, as well as its high-quality Kirkland Signature brand, which features a variety of products that rival national brands in terms of popularity. The chain's Kirkland artisan rolls are no exception when it comes to quality, as many Costco shoppers absolutely love their dense yet airy texture and delicious flavor. Along with steak, these rolls are ideal for hamburgers, pulled pork, and many other hearty fillings.

For convenience, you can toast the rolls in the oven while you're warming up the sirloin slices. Separate rolls into two pieces and apply butter to both sides (make sure the butter is room temperature to help it go on easily). Next, place the rolls in the oven on the rack above the sirloin, making sure that the buttered sides are facing up. Before the rolls are nice and toasted, you'll need to add the third and final ingredient to ensure your steak and cheese sandwich achieves true culinary perfection.

Don't be tardy with the Havarti

Meltiness is a must when combining steak and cheese, and Havarti is the perfect choice thanks to its substantial moisture content. Havarti also has a pleasingly smooth texture when melted, which means it will seamlessly ooze into the many air pockets within the Kirkland artisan bread rolls. Costco features Arla Havarti cheese, which offers a mild flavor perfect for accentuating the savory nature of the sirloin.

While the artisan rolls are warming in the oven, take your Havarti slices and position them on the top portion of each of the rolls. Generally, it will take about a minute or so for the cheese to melt, but you want to monitor your oven to prevent any of the components from becoming burned. Once the cheese has melted to your liking, pull everything out of the oven and distribute the steak to each of the rolls. Toppings are up to you, but caramelized onions and roasted peppers make for excellent additions. As for condiments, horseradish sauce is a perfect selection for steak, as it lends a bit of brightness to counteract the richness of the beef.