Aldi Shoppers Praise Its Cheetos Copycat As Better Than The Real Thing

Cheese doodles are one of the most popular snacks to munch on, and for good reason. Each bite is filled with cheesy, carby deliciousness. Whether you're a hardcore Chester or Cheetos fan, when it comes to cheesy snacks, there's probably a go-to brand you reach for.

For the devoted Cheetos lovers out there, there's an unlikely serious cheese snack contender making waves at a beloved grocery store chain. Aldi shoppers are raving about Clancy's Cheese Curls, a Cheetos copycat (and one of Aldi's private label brands).

Fans are praising Clancy's Cheese Curls across social media platforms. One fan on Reddit proclaimed, "I don't really care for Cheetos but these rock. They're cheap and Aldi actually fills the bag all the way!" In fact, many users in the comments who dislike Cheetos are fond of the Aldi copycat. "I love these but not Cheetos," one user noted. "They're so much crunchier, and somehow the cheese is cheesier?"

There's a slight difference in ingredients

Most fans of Clancy's Cheese Curls claim the cheesy snack has a more cheese-like flavor and just tastes superior when compared to Cheetos. But how drastic of a difference are both brands' ingredients?

Cheetos is labeled as a cheese-flavored snack and is mostly made from corn meal and cheese seasoning containing whey and cheddar cheese. A look into the cheese-flavored snack from Aldi shows little differences in ingredients. Clancy's Cheese Curls also consist of cornmeal, whey, and cheddar cheese. However, Aldi's version contains additional blue cheese flavoring.

For those who are trying to stay away from food dyes, you may want to grab Clancy's Cheese Curls over the cheesy darling from Cheetos. Cheetos includes artificial color while Clancy's doesn't seem to contain any trace of it. Those who prefer Clancy's over Cheetos shared on Reddit that they appreciate the "sharpness" and "cheesiness" Clancy's Cheese Curls have over Cheetos.

Aldi's Cheetos copycat costs significantly less

Aldi is known and beloved by shoppers for its low-cost grocery store alternatives. This also applies to their stash of Clancy's Cheese Curls. A standard 8.5-ounce bag of Cheetos costs a little over $4, though prices may vary depending on location. A bag of Clancy's Cheese Curls of the same size will cost you just under $2 at Aldi. This is definitely more bang for your buck as you can buy roughly two bags of Clancy's for the price of one bag of Cheetos.

If you regularly snack on Cheetos Puffs, then you may want to try Clancy's Cheese Puffs, an Aldi's copycat of the puffier version of the cheese snack. With Clancy's Cheese Puffs priced at under $2, it's a huge bargain compared to Cheetos Puffs, which are sold for roughly $6. And Flamin' Hot Cheetos lovers will be glad to hear that a spicy alternative is also available to grab at Aldi. Now let us know which version you prefer.