Is It Possible To Make Scrambled Eggs In An Air Fryer?

Air fryers can add a little crunch just to about anything, from crispier tater tots to homemade french fries. Some home cooks have gotten creative with their fryers, using them to make baked potatoes, bacon, and even grilled cheese. But what about eggs? There are plenty of recipes out there for air fryer hard-boiled eggs, but if you're the type who likes your morning scramble, is the air fryer a viable option?

It's perfectly possible to cook up fluffy, delicious scrambled eggs in the air fryer with a bit of prep work and a small amount of extra equipment. If you have an oven-safe ramekin at your disposal, you're well on your way already. Simply grease the ramekin, whisk the eggs, and bake them in the air fryer at 370 degrees for a few minutes. You can even cook some bacon or breakfast sausage alongside the eggs for a full meal with minimal fuss.

Ways to spice up air fryer scrambled eggs

Air fryer scrambled eggs are extremely simple and easy to prepare, which makes them a perfect blank canvas to experiment with. With a few veggies, some cheese, cooked breakfast meats, or other mix-ins, you can easily whip up a hearty and well-balanced breakfast with just the press of a button.

Try a handful of feta, peppers, and spinach mixed in or some bacon and cheddar with a sprinkling of green onion. Any ingredients that would go well in an omelet or breakfast scramble would make excellent additions.

Just be aware: Scrambled eggs cook quickly in the air fryer, so veggies that require a longer cooking time, such as potatoes or onions, may not fully soften if added. Either use pre-cooked veggies or go with softer add-in options that just need to be heated up a little, such as mushrooms, cheese, or chopped tomatoes.

More air fryer breakfast treats

If eggs aren't your thing, or if you're looking to switch up your breakfast routine with more options, you can prepare plenty of other morning treats in an air fryer. For sweet breakfast lovers, options abound: French toast, cinnamon rolls, donuts, and even pancakes can be easily prepared in an air fryer with the right equipment. And you'll end up with far less mess and fuss than trying to fry up a meal in a skillet or a deep fryer.

Those who prefer a savory start to their day have just as many choices, from crispy hash browns to perfectly browned toast — even homemade bagels. The air fryer isn't just for from-scratch breakfasts, either; if you have pastries on hand you'd like to eat, such as muffins, donuts, or even pop-tarts or toaster strudels, a few minutes in the air fryer can get them as toasty as if they were freshly baked.