Where Is Neuro From Shark Tank Today?

Entrepreneurs Kent Yoshimura and Ryan Chen developed Neuro to fuel their active lifestyles. Neuro gum and mints are packed with all-natural supplements, including caffeine, L-theanine, and vitamins B6 and B12, to offer a boost of energy to health-conscious individuals. And four years after its founders' "Shark Tank" appearance, Neuro is still going strong.

While the product proved successful from the beginning, earning $20,571 in an Indiegogo campaign and bringing in millions in revenue both online and at various retail stores, Neuro's founders determined they needed help taking it to the next level. Yoshimura and Chen hoped "Shark Tank" would help them expand their product in the retail realm. 

Despite Kevin O'Leary describing their valuation as "stinky poo poo," the Sharks were impressed by the product and by the founders themselves. Neuro received two investment offers, which led to a bit of heated negotiation in the pitch room. However, things took a surprising turn as the numbers were hashed out.

The Shark Tank offers weren't up to par

Neuro appeared on "Shark Tank" Season 11, Episode 19, with its founders requesting a $750,000 investment in exchange for 5% of the company. Kent Yoshimura and Ryan Chen presented their gum and mints as offering natural energy enhancement without sugar or GMOs. Chen recalled a snowboarding accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down, crediting Yoshimura's dedication to him during the grueling rehabilitation period as a major factor in his recovery.

The Sharks were moved by Chen's story and impressed by the product, which had already earned $3.5 million in sales in the year prior to "Shark Tank." However, the founders wanted to make their brand nationally known and planned to use the investment for marketing purposes. While Mark Cuban, Daniel Lubetzky, and Lori Grenier expressed appreciation towards the founders, they each went out for various reasons (Lubetzky said he didn't connect with Neuro, and Grenier stated that she was ambivalent).

Kevin O'Leary urged Neuro to focus on online sales, but he offered $750,000 for 5%, plus a 50-cent royalty on every unit sold until he earned $1 million. Robert Herjavec offered $1 million for 20%, which Yoshimura countered by asking to raise the valuation to $10 million. Herjavec countered this offer with a valuation of $7 million, which Neuro declined. The founders also declined O'Leary's offer and left "Shark Tank" without a deal.

Neuro has excelled without a Shark Tank deal

The lack of a "Shark Tank" deal didn't hold Neuro back in the time after the company appeared on the show. In a February TikTok video, Ryan Chen described the appearance as "a crazy experience." He also stated that the offers from Kevin O'Leary and Robert Herjavec "weren't quite what we were looking for" and that declining both offers "was the best decision we've made."

The developments that occurred after "Shark Tank" bear out Chen's statements, as Neuro can be found in a variety of retail stores across the nation, as well as being available for sale on Amazon and the Neuro website. 

Along with energy-enhancing products, Neuro also offers products that claim to improve immune function and induce a peaceful feeling of calmness and tranquility. And while their "Shark Tank" appearance didn't pan out as the founders hoped, it did bring their products into the view of a media personality with a huge following.

A famous fan raises Neuro's profile

Since "Shark Tank," Neuro has garnered a constant stream of media attention. The product has been covered by a wide range of publications, including The New Yorker, Fast Company, and the Daily Beast. Neuro also found a fan in Joe Rogan, a media personality, UFC commentator, and podcaster with a passion for brain-boosting, all-natural supplements. 

Rogan discussed Neuro on his podcast, which is simultaneously filmed and uploaded to YouTube. During a segment, Rogan expressed his love for Neuro gum and claimed that it was a part of his pre-kickboxing regimen, while also detailing the natural ingredients that make the product so effective at raising energy levels. 

After Rogan's statements, Kent Yoshimura said he was inundated with messages and calls, while the Neuro website received a major increase in both traffic and sales. He also expressed elation that Rogan's promotion of Neuro happened organically.

Big things are in store for Yoshimura and Chen

Per Insider, Neuro is projected to become an eight-figure company, with more than 50 million units sold since the business's inception. Neuro is a big seller on Amazon and can also be found in retail stores including Walmart and Whole Foods. Neuro continues to expand, with no signs of stopping any time soon.

While it began as a two-person operation, Kent Yoshimura and Ryan Chen expect to increase their team to 20 staff members in 2023. Yoshimura credits the success of Neuro with the image it presents when compared to other energy-boosting products. 

Speaking with Insider, Yoshimura stated, "We're a product called Neuro, which is more health-conscious, more brain-conscious, and way less sugary than any of these other products in the marketplace that try to push energy as this explosion." It appears his instincts are spot-on, both inside the "Shark Tank" pitch room and beyond.