Kraft Is Rolling Out An Easy Mac College Care Pack For Back To School Season

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One of the hardest things about being in college, out on your own for likely the first time, is feeding yourself. Sure, you can rely on campus dining options. But while those certainly help, you're still going to need to make your own meals some of the time — and a lot of students have never had to do that before. Getting into the groove of handling meals can feel daunting, but if college kids are looking for something easy and convenient, Kraft has a new answer: the College Care Pack.

The College Care Pack is as simple as it looks. It's a big box of 30 different pre-packaged, pre-made cups of Kraft mac and cheese for $29.99 on Amazon, roughly $1 for a meal each day of the month. You don't even need a stove to cook them; just pop the top and microwave them, and you're ready to go. For ease of use, Kraft is even including reusable silverware in the deal.

A taste of home is often just what kids need

In addition to the convenience factor, there's also the benefit that for a lot of Americans, Kraft mac and cheese is a staple comfort food they grew up with. Being away at college for the first time can make students homesick, and something that reminds you of your childhood can give you a boost when you're down. Kraft mac and cheese may typically feel like it costs roughly 38 cents per metric ton, but just because it's cheap doesn't mean it's not delicious.

Something like the College Care Pack can ease students into the process of figuring out how to keep themselves fed and make the transition into adulthood a much smoother ride. 

The shelf-stability factor of Kraft mac and cheese (the original reason for its existence) helps, too. If you don't want to eat one every day, the College Care Pack will last far longer than just a month. They're only available for a limited time while supplies last.