Is Trader Joe's Open On Labor Day 2023?

Summer isn't technically over until the first day of fall, which happens on September 23, 2023, but Labor Day is undoubtedly the last hurrah for a lot of people, especially families with kids going back to school. The holiday, which falls on the first Monday of September each year, is the last three-day break a lot of us will get while the weather is still warm, so it's a bit of a last call for backyard barbecues and pool parties before the summer gear gets stashed away for the season. If you're planning a big grocery shop at Trader Joe's over the break to stock up for school lunches, or you need some extra all-natural uncured hot dogs, Quinoa Cowboy veggie burgers, and Sriracha and Roasted Garlic BBQ sauce for an end-of-the-season outdoor gathering, you can rest easy knowing you don't need to shop in advance because TJ's is open with regular business hours on Labor Day.

Check your local store hours just in case

If you're planning to hit Trader Joe's on Labor Day for a variety of meal prep essentials or a bag of Mandarin Orange Chicken for dinner, its stores will be open for regular hours, according to its website. However, the chain spans more than 560 stores in 42 states, and specific locations may have location-specific reasons for closing or limiting their hours on Labor Day (and other holidays) depending on state laws, employee availability, and other localized constraints. To be on the safe side, it's a good idea to check the store search function on the Trader Joe's website to ensure your nearest location is open. If you navigate to your store (or stores) using your zip code, the site will tell you if it is open and, if so, its operating hours. Trader Joe's regular business hours on Mondays are from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Shop during off-peak hours to avoid chaos

Now that you know that Trader Joe's is open over the long weekend, you can relax on Saturday and Sunday if you're planning a Monday picnic or barbecue. Keep in mind that you're not the only person with the day off on Labor Day, however, and Trader Joe's is known to be a little chaotic during busy times, especially since it isn't as large as most supermarkets. If you know that you're going to need some Unexpected Cheddar or some of its many styles of ice cream sandwiches for a party, plan to get there early to beat the crowds, or shop after the dinner hour if you're stocking up for the school week when everyone else has likely already made their TJ's run.

Also, just because Trader Joe's is open doesn't mean it'll have everything you need if you're shopping for a crowd. You might be out of luck if you need to pick up other supplies at places like Costco (which is closed) or Aldi (which may have limited hours). If you're stocking up for a party, try to get all your shopping done before the weekend to beat the crowds, and keep Trader Joe's in your back pocket for last-minute essentials on the Monday holiday.