The Best Day Of The Week To Go To Trader Joe's, According To Managers

If you're familiar with the niche grocery store Trader Joe's, then you already know that this popular supermarket operates a little differently than its competitors. According to Forbes, Trader Joe's has been able to garner new customers every year due to their one-of-a-kind marketing. Not only has the cult-worthy company been able to offer their customers the best prices by offering a wide array of in-house products, but the shopping experience at TJ's proves to be unlike any other grocery store experience which includes interactive employees, fun signage, and free samples.

The 2022 Axios Harris Poll 100 measures the most positively recognized and reputable companies in the nation every year based on factors such as company trust, ethics, and the range of products offered. Trader Joe's came out on top in 2022, receiving 82% of participant votes. Numerator claims at least 25.9% of households shop at Trader Joe's. This type of brand loyalty may prompt you to uncover the best day to head to the niche market so you're not fighting over the last box of Trader Joe's O's. For parking specifically, Strong Towns reminds consumers that TJ's parking lots are small to keep costs down. With so many fans running (not walking) to get the 25 best Trader Joe's finds under $5, what is exactly the best day to shop at this popular grocer?

Mid-week trips are your best bet for prime shopping

Upon considering the unique way Trader Joe's stocks its shelves, you may be curious to know the best days to venture to this popular grocery store. According to one Reddit user that offered their Trader Joe's knowledge as a long-time employee, the best times to shop at TJ's are early in the morning on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The TJ's manager (mate) claims in the thread that all fresh fruits and vegetables are restocked every day, and the most popular items, which often include some non-refrigerated foods, often sell out by mid-afternoon. Aisle of Shame agrees with this recommendation, claiming the hours between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are usually the most enjoyable times to shop.

If you want to steer clear when TJ's is overflowing with eager customers, you may want to avoid food shopping on the weekend. 2022 data collected by DriveResearch found that over half of polled U.S. consumers make their weekly grocery trips between Friday and Sunday. Don't Waste the Crumbs confirms the weekend to be the worst time to shop at Trader Joe's and states that inventory might be low when you arrive. With such a small footprint, you may not feel comfortable taking your time to explore what the store has to offer. Now that you know the best and worst times to shop at TJ's, what other useful tips should Trader Joe's shoppers keep in mind?

Take advantage of everything Trader Joe's has to offer

While you may pay more to live close to a Trader Joe's, shopping at the trendy supermarket does have some unique benefits. According to Consumers' Checkbook, the prices at TJ's tend to be 19% lower than most mainstream supermarkets. Just take a look at the cost of bananas, for example. Trader Joe's claims to have been selling bananas individually for just $0.19 cents a piece over two decades ago and the price has yet to change. Additionally, The Krazy Coupon Lady advises shoppers to use manufacturer coupons when applicable. Yes, TJ's mainly carries mostly private-label products yet the name-brand items they do carry are able to be discounted through outside coupons which can save you a good amount of money.

If one item doesn't agree with your palate, you're in luck since Trader Joe's has a return policy that accepts nearly any item based on your level of satisfaction or lack thereof. QuerySprout notes that any product can be returned to the small-scale grocer with or without a receipt. While returns with a receipt will be accepted in exchange for a cash refund, those without a receipt are usually returned for store credit. Beyond sticking to midweek morning shopping trips, don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for deals and in-house seasonal items, this way you can take full advantage of the unique ways Trader Joe's stands apart from other major supermarkets.