Aldi's Frozen Sausage Is Perfect For McDonald's-Style Breakfast Sandwiches

Aldi is famous for its great deals on store-brand products that are so good many shoppers believe they are on par with or better than their name-brand competitors. While you may have already noticed the grocer's Olive Garden Italian dressing copycat or Laughing Cow cheese copycat, we are willing to bet that you didn't know the store was hiding a copycat of one of America's favorite breakfast sandwiches –- the Sausage and Egg McMuffin.

The key to making a delicious McDonald's-style egg and sausage breakfast McMuffin at home starts with Aldi's precooked sausage patties. This unassuming bag of sausage patties can be found in the frozen section of the store and a bag of 18 sells for under $10. They are sold in two flavors (original and maple) and come highly recommended. In fact, Aldi Reviewer marked them as a must-buy and one Redditor even described them as what you need for the "best homemade McMuffin ever!"

So, because Egg McMuffins are delicious and we could all use more of them in our lives, how can you make your own at home?

How to make a McMuffin with ingredients from Aldi

To make your own sausage, egg, and cheese McMuffin at home, you will need to add a few other items to your Aldi's shopping list besides the precooked frozen sausage patties. Specifically, you will also need eggs, English muffins, and American cheese slices.

To start making your McDonald's-style sandwich, open your English muffins from the Aldi bakery section and cut one in half. Then, pop it in the toaster for a few minutes or until golden. While the muffin is toasting, heat a nonstick skillet on the stovetop with a drizzle of your favorite cooking oil. Next, set a greased circular mold (if you don't have one you can use the lid ring of a glass canning jar) on the pan and crack an egg inside. Gently break the yolk with a fork, then cover the pan with the lid and cook the egg on medium for a few minutes or until the egg whites are solid. Then, remove the cooked egg from the mold and set aside.

Next, you want to heat up your sausage patty. The patties are pre-cooked, so all you need to do is remove one from the freezer and heat it on the pan until warm all the way through. Once your patty is ready, go ahead and build your sandwich by putting your fried egg, warm sausage patty, and a slice of American cheese between the two toasted English muffins.

How to take your Aldi's precooked sausage patties to the next level

Besides being perfect for making delicious McMuffin copycats, Aldi's frozen sausage patties are also great in plenty of other tasty recipes. Firstly, for a simple change from English muffins, you can switch up the bread in your sausage breakfast sandwich and replace it with a bagel or croissant. Also, if you love sweet and savory flavors, you can follow one Redditor's example and use the patties to make a sausage and cheese Pillsbury Toaster Scrambles sandwich. According to the poster, the combo works so well because Toaster Scrambles are "filled with egg, cheese and either sausage, bacon, or both" already. 

Another great option is to break up the cooked sausage patties and mix them with scrambled eggs, tomatoes, and cooked spinach to make the filling for a tasty and hearty breakfast burrito. You can even top your burrito with hot sauce or salsa depending on your mood.