Publix Nixed Its Popular Hurricane Cakes And Floridians Aren't Happy

While Floridians might stock their pantries with water bottles, batteries, and other storm season necessities, one classic part of hurricane season prep will no longer be found at Publix. According to an announcement from the company, the beloved hurricane cakes will not be available during the 2023 hurricane season. In a statement, the grocery store chain said, "it is our company policy to not produce bakery cakes that would make light of a natural disaster." All Publix stores are required to follow the new policy.

Although natural disasters are never a laughing matter, the gallows humor offered by these special bakery items were appreciated by some shoppers. As people fill their carts with hurricane preparation supplies, that little treat was often the lighter side to all the anxiousness surrounding the storm's potential landfall. During 2019, a Duval County Publix baker told ABC Action News that the idea was to bring a few smiles during stressful times. That store was one of many that presented cakes, cookies, and other items that told storms to go away, featuring the cone of uncertainty or the eye of the storm.

Publix might not be putting these hurricane cakes in the bakery case for 2023, but people could keep the tradition alive. Why not order a plain Publix cake, grab some decorative icing, and let the creativity flow? It might be a good way to pass the time while hunkering down during storm season.

Floridians react to Publix hurricane cakes being taken out of the bakery case

In times of stress, a little humor can make the uncomfortable more bearable. Publix hurricane cakes have been that staple in many households. When the power is off, the wind is swirling, and the rain is beating down, that sweet bite seems to be a momentary diversion from the chaos.

Across social media, many people are unhappy with Publix's decision to eliminate hurricane cakes. On WESH's Facebook page, some people wondered how they'll get through storm season without the dessert. Others wondered if they could special order a birthday cake with an eye of the storm design. Similar sentiments were said on NEWS4JAX's X page (formerly Twitter). Some people, including fan Jake Snead, took the humorous approach, saying, "Chicken tender subs and hurricane cakes make riding out hurricanes a pleasure." And Grace Bailey said, "Hurricanes can be horrific and tragic. My parents lost their home in Michael. The least we can do is enjoy a hurricane cake from Publix! I get the decision, but I'm a little bummed."

While the hurricane cake policy was meant to avoid making light of terrible natural disasters, some people would prefer to see the cakes back in the bakery case.