The Bread That Makes Publix Sub Sandwiches So Delicious

As a beloved grocery store with a multitude of locations throughout the Southern U.S., Publix has a legion of devoted shoppers who frequently sing the supermarket's praises. From the friendly staff to the no-nonsense layout of the stores, customers love the charm and southern hospitality that appears to be baked into this grocery chain.

Publix is also well-known for the quality of its deli, which features a wide selection of gourmet meats and cheeses. Customers can even enjoy a sub courtesy of Publix's deli staff, including turkey, corned beef, ham, veggie, and meatball options. When it comes to bread, shoppers typically choose from an assortment of rolls, such as whole wheat, white, and Italian five-grain. However, one customer found that you can swap out the standard roll for another type of bread to elevate your Pub Sub to the next level. And after revealing her very special hack on TikTok, commenters helped fill in the blanks on what type of bread is best for Publix sub sandwiches.

Publix's deli sandwiches just got even better

A TikTok user inadvertently cracked the bread code when revealing her Pub Sub order to her followers. In the short clip, Publix deli staff appear to be hard at work assembling assorted sandwiches, which consist of provolone, lettuce, tomatoes, banana peppers, green peppers, ranch, mayonnaise, and a sprinkling of black pepper, according to the poster. As for the bread, this customer was not overly impressed with the standard options offered by the deli.


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In the video, she informs her followers that she didn't want the "hard brick bread" that typically accompanies the Pub Sub. Instead, deli staff appeared to be using white bread in place of the rolls, which commenters immediately picked up on. Many stated that staff appeared to be using the White Mountain Bread that shoppers could purchase within the store. One even claimed that this particular bread is the chain's "best-kept secret." So, what exactly makes Publix's Mountain Bread so special?

You can't make the perfect sandwich without the perfect bread

White Mountain Bread comes straight from Publix's bakery. The fresh, all-natural loaf is free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. Like other bakery selections at the store, fresh loaves are prepared each day courtesy of the chain's bakery staff. While the outer crust is perfectly crispy and crunchy, the texture inside is soft and fluffy, which means it's an ideal bread for all types of sandwiches, including grilled cheese.

Along with selecting Mountain Bread on your next Pub Sub outing, you can also use it to create a classic grilled cheese sandwich for the ages. This recipe calls for mozzarella and Havarti cheese, as well as Dijon mustard, smoked ham, and spinach. Slather the exterior of your bread slices with unsalted butter, then add a dollop of mustard inside. Assemble the rest of the sandwich ingredients, then set your stovetop to medium heat. Place sandwiches into the pan butter side down and cook for about three or four minutes before flipping to the other side. Remove from the heat when the cheese is perfectly melted and serve. Now you can enjoy your own Publix-style sandwich right in the comfort of your own home.