Starbucks' Summer Menu Remix Is Putting A New Spin On Some Classic Cold Drinks

Although the summer months may be winding down as we approach back-to-school season (and fans await the 2023 fall menu), Starbucks is switching things up with its Summer Menu Remix. According to a press release shared with Daily Meal, the coffee chain was inspired by popular customizations to some of its standard drinks. Starbucks allows customers to alter menu items in person by conferring with baristas or by choosing from a variety of options in its app.

There are three drinks featured in the lineup: The Chocolate Cream Cold Brew, Iced Chai Latte, and Blended Iced Black Tea Lemonade have all been modified to elevate these familiar beverages and present them in a new way. The special drinks will be on the menu for a limited time — a Summer Menu Remix button is featured on the homepage of the Starbucks app. Customers can click the button for more details about the drinks and order them for pickup at their local Starbucks.

Three drinks have Starbucks-approved additions

The Chocolate Cream Cold Brew may already be pretty sweet on its own (thanks to the vanilla syrup pumped into the drink and the chocolate cold foam topping), but lining the inside of the cup with caramel sauce surely adds an extra dose of sugar in every sip. The Iced Chai Latte doesn't come standard with cold foam, so the remixed edition with matcha foam on top should make for a unique flavor combination, thanks to the black tea, cinnamon, and clove present in the original drink.

If something more fruit-flavored appeals, you might opt for the Blended Iced Black Tea Lemonade. The classic option is shaken, then the black tea and lemonade concentrate mixture is poured over ice, but the blended remix, which has the texture of a slushie, should make every sip a little more refreshing on especially sweltering days. (This customization has been encouraged by Starbucks in the past.)

Although these upgrades are being featured on the Starbucks app home screen for a brief time, customers can continue to alter their drink orders to enjoy them even after the promotion ends.