Totino's Orange Chicken Pizza Rolls Are Making Their Supermarket Debut

Totino's, already famous in the frozen pizza market, has been embracing its status as the creator of the perfect gamer snack – pizza rolls. These little bite-sized snacks are easy to cook and eat while gaming, making them ideal for hobbyists and competitive gamers alike. Now, to lean into this lucrative market even further, Totino's has announced that it is taking pizza rolls to the next level by offering a new flavor explicitly designed for gamers: Orange Chicken Pizza Rolls.

A combination of sweet, sour, tangy, and crispy, Totino's Orange Chicken Pizza Rolls feature a fiery orange sauce and were created in partnership with FaZe Clan, a famous competitive gaming team with over 40 international trophies. The launch of Orange Chicken Pizza Rolls follows last year's release of Buffalo Style Chicken Pizza Rolls and seems meant to continue the trend of developing fun flavors that appeal to gamers. According to a representative from Totino's, "We knew we had to create something extra special next that would not only excite our fans' taste buds but also perfectly complement the rush of gaming."

Where and how to find Totino's Orange Chicken Pizza Rolls

Orange Chicken Pizza Rolls are making their way to supermarkets across the country. They can be found in the frozen aisle along with other delicious Totino's pizza roll flavors, like Triple Cheese and Pepperoni. A bag of these orange chicken-flavored pizza snacks includes 50 rolls and has a suggested cost of $5.99, which is slightly higher than the regular and Buffalo Chicken-flavored pizza rolls that currently retail at around $5.66.

But the slightly higher price might be worth the excitement of trying an entirely new pizza roll flavor during your next gaming session, especially one that is meant to allow "fans to enjoy orange chicken in a whole new way," according to Totino's. Any hungry and curious gamers should keep an eye out for the black and yellow FaZe Clan-branded bags at their local grocery stores for a chance to try this fusion pizza treat.