Every Totino's Pizza Roll Flavor, Ranked From Worst To Best

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Whether you're in need of a quick dinner or a filling snack, pizza rolls are a tasty treat that rarely disappoints. A bite-sized delight that allows you to enjoy the incredible taste of pizza as a snack, the stuffed morsels are a frozen fan favorite to many. Whether you're popping them in a microwave or the oven, there's no denying the incredible flavor that comes with the consumption of a good pizza roll. Like a frozen pizza, you don't have to worry about delivery — all you need to do is stop by the nearest grocery store, and you'll likely find these in the frozen food aisle.

If you've ever shopped for frozen pizza rolls before, then you may be familiar with Totino's. Though the brand offers multiple pizza-inspired products, rolls are its claim to fame. There are currently nine pizza roll options to choose from, but the question is: Which bags (or boxes) should you pick up during your next supermarket visit, and which ones should be left in the cold? That's we ranked every Totino's pizza roll flavor from worst to best, so the next time you find yourself in need of a cheesy, incredible pick-me-up snack, you'll know what to grab.  

9. Triple Meat

Some people prefer their pizzas without any meat toppings, while others absolutely adore putting pepperoni, pork, chicken, or any other kind of meat on top of their cheesy pie. If you're one of these people, and you enjoy pizza rolls, too, then you've likely found yourself gravitating towards the pizza rolls filled with a meat — or perhaps three. Enter the Totino's Triple Meat pizza rolls which combine cheese and sauce with a cured pork pizza topping (think Canadian bacon), a chicken and beef topping, and pepperoni-seasoned pork.

Though it might not be the best out there, the Triple Meat flavor of Totino's makes for a passable pizza roll snack. They get the job done for any fan of pizza, particularly as a late-night snack. These are particularly suited for hangover munchies or when you aren't in the greatest of states. Still, the flavor tastes a bit off with all the clashing meat flavors. In terms of meat-focused pizza rolls, we reckon that you could do a little better than this, and suggest going for some of Totino's better flavors.

8. Supreme

The next pizza roll flavor on this list is Totino's Supreme pizza rolls. These rolls are filled with sauce, multiple meats, and some cheese, along with the addition of small bits of onion and green peppers. With a name and description like "Supreme," you'd expect this product to be incredibly popular, super tasty, and most importantly, easy to find and pick up in stores. While these rolls may taste alright, however, there are definitely not the best, and there are some things that could definitely be improved upon.

The argument can be made that these rolls are a step above the original Totino's flavors you may know and love. The use of green peppers and onions gives these pizza rolls an extra note of flavor, which is a good thing to be able to say about any pizza. However, if you can't find them at a local store, there's a chance you won't be able to find them elsewhere, either. The listings for the product don't show up on the Amazon or Walmart sites as of publication, unlike many of the other Totino's flavors. In other words, if you can't find it in person, you can't really get your hands on this snack. The flavor is good — great, even. But if you can't actually get your hands on these rolls, why wouldn't you go for something that's a bit easier to find?

7. Triple Pepperoni

Who doesn't love the taste of a good pepperoni pizza? Some love pepperoni so much that they may want more of the popular topping than a typical pepperoni pizza roll tends to have in it. That's where the Triple Pepperoni pizza rolls come in. Supposedly filled with more pepperoni than the original meat-flavored pizza rolls, Triple Pepperoni sounds like any meat lover's dream. Unfortunately, these pizza rolls may not live up to their promise.

These pizza rolls aren't bad by any means — and we appreciate that pepperoni carries a slightly spicy flavor. However, depending on what bag of these pizza rolls you might get, you might find some of your rolls lacking as much pepperoni as you'd like, and you might even come across some of these snacks that contain less pepperoni than the original pepperoni pizza rolls (via Amazon). While the Triple Pepperoni Totino's rolls are fine, they aren't the best out there, and we suggest that you go for a different flavor.

6. Faze Clan Buffalo Style Chicken

If you're a fan of hot wings or perhaps buffalo chicken dip, then this one is for you. Totino's, in partnership with esports and entertainment organization Faze Clan, recently introduced Buffalo Chicken pizza rolls, taking the unforgettable taste of their classic snack, and taking it to a whole new level with a spicy and tangy chicken filling.

These pizza rolls are a great way for any fan of buffalo chicken to get a taste of their favorite flavor in pizza roll form. People love the fact that they get the flavor of a good buffalo chicken flavored food within a pizza roll, and enjoy the buffalo sauce they pick up within the snack (via YouTube). However, some note that the rolls may taste overly spicy, so unless you have a side of ranch dressing next to you, it might be difficult to fully enjoy the Buffalo Chicken pizza rolls. If you can handle the heat though, these are sure to be a fantastic addition to your party snacks.

5. Cheese

Plenty of pizzas are topped with some sort of meat, like pepperoni or sausage. Sometimes, though, you may want to just keep things simple and stick with a classic cheese pizza. The combination of pizza sauce, dough, and cheese is delicious enough without any meaty additions. Case in point: Totino's Cheese pizza rolls.

Cheesy, hot, and delicious — what more can ask for from a pizza roll? Plenty of fans enjoy this flavor a lot, with one Amazon reviewer describing it as the perfect snack to keep your belly full. At the same time, though, we could see why some might consider this flavor a little basic, as there's nothing really special you can say about them, so they may come across as a little underwhelming (via Amazon). If you prepare them correctly, though, there's a fair chance you'll enjoy these pizza rolls, so don't bash them until you try them.

4. Combination

Some people are willing to settle for having one type of meat on their pizza. Pepperoni? Sausage? You're set. While going solo is perfectly fine, you have to admit that having more than one kind of meat isn't a bad thing when it comes to topping your pie, or in this case, stuffing your pizza roll.  Totino's Combination pizza rolls takes both sausage and pepperoni and combines them to create a meaty, saucy, and cheesy delight. 

This one is a favorite to many who adore the taste of sausage, pepperoni, and everything else that a pizza-based snack entails. You get all of the fantastic flavors that come from the meat and the pizza ingredients, all in bite-sized form. It's a true fan favorite for anyone who loves Totino's pizza rolls. Fresh, flavorful, and in some cases, nostalgic, It's easy to see why so many people adore this snack. If you're in need of a quick, filling bite, or want something delicious to serve at a party, these pizza rolls are an excellent, easy-to-prepare food to choose.  

3. Triple Cheese

While Totino's standard Cheese pizza rolls don't quite wow, its Triple Cheese pizza rolls are a must-buy. Made with the flavors of Monterey Jack, mozzarella, and cheddar, these pizza rolls are, no surprise, incredibly cheesy — and delicious! 

If you're not instant on a more meat-heavy pizza roll, then the Triple Cheese flavor won't disappoint. Reviewers of this flavor rave that it is perfect for hungry kids or adults in need of a good snack (via Kroger). There isn't too much to say about this flavor — not because it's bad, but because it does everything it needs to. Easy to make, easy to eat, and easy to enjoy. If cheese pizza is your go-to pie flavor whenever you're ordering from Little Caesars or some other pizza chain, then these pizza rolls will serve you nicely. It's like the old saying goes: Three cheeses are always better than one.  

2. Pepperoni

In the world of crazy pizza flavors like pineapple, BBQ, and even dessert pizzas, it's hard to top a good ol' pepperoni pizza. Meat, cheese, dough, and pizza sauce — what more could you possibly want? As Totino's is a pizza snack brand, it's only natural that it would carry a Pepperoni pizza roll

These Totino pizza rolls are everything you could ask for in a pepperoni snack. For the most part, you'll find a good amount of delicious pepperoni, along with the classic mozzarella-y cheese and sauce. Some reviewers on the Totino's website claim that you might come across some servings of the pepperoni rolls that might not have as much meat or even none at all. But for the most part, you'll find yourself with meat-filled, incredibly scrumptious pepperoni bites. While Totino's has some pretty great flavors all around, the classic Pepperoni rolls, when prepared correctly, are a great product to have as a snack or meal.

1. Pepperoni & Bacon

Ah, bacon. It seems like whenever you add those beloved strips of pork to a dish, it tastes a whole lot better. It may go without saying but pizza, and by extension, pizza rolls, also benefit quite a bit from the addition of bacon. Totino's Pepperoni & Bacon pizza rolls take the brand's regular pepperoni pizza roll, and, as you might expect, adds bacon to it, making for a great Totino's flavor that any bacon lover might find themselves feasting upon the next time they're hungry for a snack.

Quite simply, it's a Totino's Pepperoni pizza roll that is buoyed by bacon: what's there not to love? This sentiment is shared by many, who adore the bacon, pepperoni, and crispy outer layer of the pizza rolls (via Influenster). If you like meat-flavored pizza rolls, particularly ones with a double helping of pork, then this snack is perfect for you.