'Dessert Fries' Are A Creative Way To Amp Up Frozen Waffles

In the midst of staring down another busy school or work day, frozen waffles prove to be a tasty and convenient breakfast option. Sure, in an ideal world, foodies around the globe would spend any given morning whipping up their favorite simple classic waffles recipe, but very few of us have ample time to put together a homemade batter of butter, eggs, flour, and milk. While a 2015 survey from Aytm discovered 51% of consumers who enjoy waffles on the regular tend to chow down on the frozen variety, only 9% of participants named waffles their favorite breakfast food. If waffle lovers aren't throwing back a frozen waffle or two on the way to work, how else are they enjoying these convenient snacks?

Besides popping a frozen waffle in your toaster and slathering it with nut butter for a quick and filling snack, you can also transform this frozen mainstay into a convenient yet tasty dessert. While some of us might enjoy cutting up our breakfast waffles in strips for easy dipping in maple syrup, those handy portions can also be made into sweet delectable confections by adding some of your favorite sauces and sweet and crunchy toppings. Most desserts require some amount of cook time in the oven, but if you use frozen waffles, you can focus most of your attention on all added extras you choose to make these frozen dessert fries your new favorite treat.

How to make 'dessert fries' with frozen waffles

Turning frozen waffles into a loaded plate of sweet snackable treats deserves a spot on the list of 13 things you didn't know you could do with frozen waffles. To make these mouthwatering dessert fries, cook your frozen waffles until they're nice and crispy on the outside and warm and chewy on the inside. While you can use your toaster, if you want your waffles evenly crisped on all sides, use your air fryer. Set your air fryer to 360 degrees and cook waffles on one side for 3 minutes, and on the other side for up to 2 minutes.

Once you have warm and crispy waffles at your fingertips, you can start adding your favorite toppings. For churro or cinnamon sugar style waffle fries, once toasted, dip them in butter and cinnamon sugar and slice them into strips or small bite-sized portions. Alternatively, you can cut up your crispy waffles right away, pile them on a plate and drizzle them with caramel sauce or melted chocolate. Layering your cooked waffle strips in some form of coating or sauce will help whatever extra ingredients you use as toppings adhere to each delicious bite. Now that we're onto toppings, what are some delicious foods worthy of piling atop your plate of chocolate or cinnamon sugar-covered waffle strips?

How to transform frozen waffles into one epic dessert

Frozen waffle fries are definitely considered one of many easy dessert recipes you can make with 5 ingredients or fewer. Once you've toasted your waffles and coated them in your favorite spiced topping or added a drizzle or two of your favorite sauce, it's time to tap into your culinary creativity to add some extra flavor and texture. If you need some inspiration when it comes to adding drool-worthy ingredients, think about your favorite ice cream toppings and go from there. Your options are endless. You can choose crunchier foods like crushed cookies, your favorite candy, rainbow sprinkles, or even broken graham crackers. If you want softer additions, try mini marshmallows, fresh sliced fruit, dried sweetened coconut, or fresh whipped cream. The most important thing to remember with frozen waffle fries is that too many wet toppings will cause your crispy waffles to lose that signature crunch. Try and enjoy your fresh plate of toaster waffle fries soon after dressing them in your favorite mouthwatering ingredients.

Once you've mastered the art of dessert fries, you can parlay your skills into making other frozen waffle-based desserts like strawberry shortcake or homemade ice cream sandwiches. However, to get started in your dessert-making ventures, try your hand at turning frozen waffles into a homemade plate of delectably sweet snack fries.