The Baking Liner Hack That Eliminates Sticky Popsicle Messes

While popsicles can be a great way to keep cool, stay hydrated, and enjoy a sweet treat in the summertime, the hot summer sun can cause the frozen food to melt pretty quickly. And if you don't eat that popsicle fast enough, the melting juice could create a bit of a mess — staining clothes or getting your hands all sticky from the juice. There are ways to keep popsicles from melting prior to eating, though they may not be so helpful once the package is open.

Fortunately, there's an easy way to prevent any mess without having to eat your popsicle too quickly. All you'll need to do is grab a paper cupcake liner, poke a hole in the bottom, and slide the stick right through that hole. Just slide it up to meet the bottom of the popsicle and hold the stick below it.

Then, you can simply enjoy this treat as you would normally, without having to be overly worried about making messes. As an added bonus for parents, this trick is an easy way to keep kids clean while they enjoy their summer treats.

The cupcake liner keeps things mess-free

This trick won't stop your popsicles from melting, and it won't cause the juice to drip down any less. For a melt-free alternative to popsicles, try freezing some fruit to snack on instead. Using a cupcake liner will, however, make cleanup much easier when the inevitable happens by keeping all that sticky, fruity juice contained in one place. As the popsicle slowly melts in the hot weather, the juice will drip down into the liner, staying contained until you finish the popsicle and throw out the leftover liner and stick.

This trick will work for any popsicles, so long as they have a wooden stick at the bottom to poke through the liner. Whether you buy your sweet, frozen treats from the grocery store, or you make your own at home — like these rainbow superfruit popsicles, if we may offer a suggestion – using the liner will help prevent any stains on clothing from the melted fruit juice. And you won't have to worry about sticky hands from the juice, either.

A coffee filter could work for quick eats

For smaller kids who may be more prone to holding their popsicles tilted, or just for larger-sized popsicles, coffee filters can also be used to serve the same purpose, and can help to keep things clean, too. Although depending on how slowly the popsicle is eaten, the juice could seep through the filter if it's left to sit for too long. You may want to opt for a more waterproof cupcake liner if your toddler is typically a slow eater and the juice could be left to sit in the filter for too long.

Of course, this trick isn't just for children — one commenter on a Facebook post sharing the hack suggested keeping cupcake liners in the car for minimizing messes while eating a Buster Bar from Dairy Queen.

The next time you have a picnic with small children, or you just want to take an extra step to keep your popsicle eating mess-free while relaxing on a summer evening, grab some cupcake liners and slide them onto the popsicle stick. Then, when you're done enjoying your dessert, you can simply throw any mess away, keeping your hands clean and clothes juice-free.