The McDonald's Ordering Hack That Might Get You McNuggets For Way Cheaper

Smart ordering is key when aiming to get more for your money at McDonald's. Take the chain's Dollar Menu, for instance, which is chock-full of breakfast sandwiches, burgers, desserts, and one of the fast-food establishment's most beloved items, chicken McNuggets. McDonald's also offers nuggets as part of its regular menu, which is precisely where this hack comes in. Because the Dollar Menu is priced for affordability, it stands to reason that the regular menu is more expensive. That means you can save money by doubling up your Dollar Menu order instead of ordering from the regular menu.

For example, if a ten-piece nugget costs $5 from the regular menu, and a six-piece nugget is just $2 from the Dollar Menu, it makes more sense to order two six-piece Dollar Menu nuggets, as you'll get more nuggets for less money. (It should be noted that the Dollar Menu is a bit of a misnomer, as the selection contains foods priced at $1, $2, and $3.) Still, prices can fluctuate from location to location, so your mileage may vary when making this neat hack a reality.

How well does the Dollar Menu nugget hack actually work?

Crunching the numbers is the best way to determine how to get the most value out of your McNugget feast. Because the McDonald's online menu doesn't list any prices, you'll need to visit your nearest location or consult the app to do a bit of research. According to the app, four-piece McNuggets are priced at $2.29 on the Dollar Menu. Unfortunately, the app menu doesn't feature prices for six or 10-piece nuggets, which do appear within the Dollar Menu options on the website.

Here's where it gets a bit interesting. The McNuggets & Meals section of the app does list multiple sizes, and curiously enough, the price for a four-piece order is exactly the same as the Dollar Menu. Additionally, a six-piece order costs $2.99, while a ten-piece order totals $4.79. Accordingly, it appears that the 10-piece from the regular menu offers the most bang for your buck(s) when ordering from this particular location.

Perhaps the chain has caught wind of the hack and altered the prices to thwart deal-seeking customers. Or maybe you have to visit the physical location to get the most out of the hack. In either case, you can still indulge your love of fast food without breaking the bank.

Other ways to save at McDonald's

McDonald's is generous when it comes to its deals and offers. The chain is currently offering a free order of medium fries for every purchase of $1 or more from now until December, provided you place your order on the app. You can also become a MyMcDonald's Rewards member, which allows you to earn points for every purchase you make. For example, earning 1,500 points gets you a free cheeseburger, McChicken sandwich, hash browns, or vanilla cone (as long as the ice cream machine is operational during your visit).

Your receipt can also be the source of amazing deals if you take the time to fill out a helpful survey. Review the receipt to look for a 26-digit code, which you can use at the chain's official survey website. Answer a few questions and receive a coupon for all the great menu offerings you love, including chicken McNuggets depending on the location and deals currently linked to the survey. Customer surveys help McDonald's enhance the services provided to its patrons, but they can also benefit you by allowing you to score free or discounted goodies.