The McDonald's McCrispy Lineup Is Changing. Here's What You Should Know

The Golden Arches may not be as synonymous with crispy chicken as other fast-food franchises, such as KFC, Popeyes, or Chick-fil-A. But McDonald's is no slouch when it comes to serving up delicious chicken dishes. Most people are familiar with the wildly popular Chicken McNugget, which just celebrated its 40-year anniversary. Nuggets and fries alone made up well over half of the franchise's annual sales in 2021.

The chain's chicken options don't end with the McNugget (although McDonald's employees recommend avoiding the grilled chicken). Diners looking for an affordable dinner can snag a McChicken, which features a thin chicken patty, mayo, and lettuce. But if you're in need of a more substantial supper, you might want to dig into the chain's signature fried chicken sandwich, a juicy hunk of fried chicken and crunchy pickles, all contained in a pillowy potato bun. 

Until recently, there were only a few variations on the McDonald's chicken sandwich. You can get it spicy, and you can add a few toppings. However, as part of a renaming campaign, McDonald's has introduced two new variations on the sandwich, which could bring the already indulgent item to a whole different level.

The McCrispy comes with rich new toppings

In the vein of the ubiquitous Chicken McNugget, as well as other offerings McDonald's has added its instantly recognizable prefix to, like the McDouble, the McGriddle, and the McFlurry, McDonald's has decided to rename its Crispy Chicken Sandwich. Henceforth, it will be known as the McCrispy.

The fast-food franchise might feel that the simple fact of McCrispy adopting the famous prefix is news enough, but the franchise paired the announcement with the introduction of two brand-new McCrispy sandwiches. The names of the two new items essentially say it all — the Bacon Ranch McCrispy is topped with the chain's applewood-smoked bacon and a generous dollop of buttermilk Ranch Sauce, and the Bacon Ranch Deluxe McCrispy brings tomato and lettuce to the party. From now on, McDonald's fried chicken sandwich will be called a McCrispy, but the new toppings are only available for a limited time.

As for how the new sandwiches taste? Despite being less than impressed with the McDonald's ranch sauce, YouTube food reviewer Lynee' Monae still scored the Bacon Ranch Deluxe McCrispy a four out five.