McDonald's Has Super Convenient Bagged Ice You Didn't Know About

Sometimes, bagged ice is essential, especially in the summer. Grocery stores and gas stations are the usual places to go if you want to grab a bag for your cookout or camping trip, but there's an unlikely place to get your ice fix that you may not have considered: McDonald's. It's not common knowledge, but McDonald's sells bags of ice in stores — and at a reasonable price. You can usually find them for between $0.99 and $1.50 per bag, with prices varying depending on region.

These are 8-pound bags, which works out to between $0.12 and $0.19 cents per pound. Compare that to 7-Eleven, where you can get a 10-pound bag for $2.50; you'll be paying $0.25 cents per pound, which is a big difference. 

Though pricing will always depend on location and various other factors, it's clear that McDonald's ice is a steal, and it's convenient, too. All you have to do is ask at the cash register or drive-thru.

Low-price ice from fast-food restaurants

McDonald's isn't the only fast-food restaurant where you can come home with not just food but bags of ice as well. Various other chains also offer ice, though you won't typically find it advertised on menus. 

Burger King, Chick-fil-A, Sonic, Arby's, and Dairy Queen all sell bags of ice upon request, with Arby's being the cheapest, at about $0.10 per pound. (Be sure to check prices and availability in your area, though.)

Another great place to buy ice? Costco. The warehouse club sells ice in two quantities: a 16-pound bag and a 20-pound bag. If you're looking for larger quantities of ice, that's your best bet. You'll only be paying about $0.12 per pound on the big bag and $0.11 on the smaller one. Grocery stores and gas stations tend to sell ice for $0.20 cents a pound or more, so it's a significant discount.

Other convenient McDonald's secrets

McDonald's has plenty of other money-saving open secrets on its menu beyond just bags of ice. For example, you can order an off-menu birthday cake at McDonald's that only costs $9. The cake is a simple chocolate or vanilla sponge cake with vanilla frosting, printed with a picture of Ronald McDonald on top. It's simple, but if you need an inexpensive cake in a pinch, it's great for children's birthday parties or other celebrations.

McDonald's also has plenty of "secret" food items that you have to be in the know to order, from cotton candy soda made with Sprite mixed with vanilla syrup to a special hash brown breakfast sandwich you won't find listed on the website or on store menus. Just be mindful when ordering these and always be polite to the employees preparing the food, as making off-menu items can take extra time and effort during already-busy breakfast and lunch rushes.