Powdered Sugar Icing Is A Perfect Cake Topping If You're Not A Frosting Fan

Some people adore frosting. For others, it can overwhelm anything it's on with its intensely sweet flavor. If you are one of the people who think frosting is just too sweet, then powdered sugar icing may be the best dessert topping for you. To understand why, first, you need to know the main difference between icing and frosting. Frosting is thick, while icing is thin. This means that frosting can be painted onto a dessert in thick layers, whereas icing has to be drizzled on and tends to run off. Because of this, with icing, you get the perfect amount of additional sweetness that doesn't overwhelm a dessert.

Also, making icing is much easier than making frosting as it requires fewer ingredients. Powdered sugar icing tastes great and goes well on all kinds of desserts, including sugar cookies, lemon bundt cakes, and deliciously light and fluffy strawberry angel food cakes. So how can you make this simple but tasty icing at home?

How to make powdered sugar icing

The best thing about powdered sugar icing is how easy it is to make. You only need 1 cup of powdered sugar (preferably sifted), ¼ teaspoon of vanilla extract, and 1 tablespoon of milk — dairy, nut, or soy — or water. In a bowl, combine the powdered sugar and vanilla and mix it with a whisk or handheld mixer. Once thoroughly combined, add in your milk or water and mix again.

Now that the icing is made check its consistency to see if it's what you want. If you want it to be thinner, add more liquid, but add more powdered sugar and stir again if you want it to be thicker. Once you have reached your desired consistency, drizzle the icing over the top of your cooled dessert. The icing will begin to harden in 20-30 minutes, and then your dessert is ready to serve.

Powdered sugar icing variations

The best part of this recipe is how many different flavors and versions you can make just by simply switching out the water or milk for another ingredient. For example, you can switch it out for lemon juice to make a zesty lemon icing perfect for bundt cakes and sugar cookies. You can also do the same with lime or orange juice. If you want to add a hint of almond, you can switch the vanilla extract for almond extract. Almond powdered sugar icing will have a more complex and nuttier flavor and goes great on plain bundt cakes or cherry and almond coffee cakes.

This recipe can also be easily changed to make chocolate powdered sugar icing. To do this, add 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder to the mixture and follow the rest of the recipe just as you would for plain icing. We recommend sticking with vanilla extract and using water or milk instead of fruit juices for chocolate. But no matter how you make it, powdered sugar icing is the perfect choice for people who want a little sweetness without a thick layer of frosting.