What's The Difference Between Icing And Frosting, Anyway?

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Is that icing on my bananas Foster cupcake, or is it frosting? Was I eating chocolate frosting on that cake I tried yesterday, or was it icing? Which do I like more? Is there really a difference between icing and frosting? While the two are basically interchangeable, there are slight differences between them. We're here to tell you what those are.

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Frosting is usually used to coat the outside of cake. It has a buttercream-like texture and a more buttery taste. Icing is generally used to glaze pastries or cakes, and tastes more sugary than frosting. The Williams-Sonoma cookbook Cake states that "icing is generally thinner and glossier," while its counterpart frosting is "a thick, fluffy mixture, used to coat the outside of a cake."

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