What Is The Best Use For Canned Butter?

Canned meats, vegetables, and fruits are known for having extended shelf lives in kitchen pantries. While less well-known, canned butter is another good option when seeking a lasting dairy product to spread over toast, add to pancakes, or incorporate into recipes. When it comes to applications, canned butter is extremely beneficial to emergency preparedness. Thanks to its extended shelf life, many preppers and survivalists include it in their emergency food stock. Canned butter is also quite useful when it comes to extended road trips and camping excursions since it can be transported without the need for refrigeration.

Beurdell, a popular brand of canned butter, is preserved by adding extra salt to the recipe prior to canning. There is no expiration date on the container, but many brands of canned butter can typically last up to three years in storage. While it must be refrigerated after opening, the product can be stored at room temperature until that time. As for stick butter, it has a much shorter lifespan, even when stored appropriately.

Why canned butter is so prized among preppers

Consider how crucial butter is when it comes to cooking and baking. Butter not only impacts the flavor of food, but it can also imbue recipes with an unbelievably smooth and pleasing texture. It's an essential component of most baked goods, including cookies and cakes. Butter can also be used to cook meats and vegetables, whether frying or sautéing them. When it comes to breakfast foods, such as toast and waffles, butter makes for an ideal topping.

While canned butter offers impressive longevity, regular butter has a much shorter shelf life. Consider that conventional stick butter only lasts about one to three months, provided it's stored in a refrigerator. Butter can also be stored for up to a year when kept in a freezer, but cold storage would be impossible to come by in emergency situations when there isn't sufficient access to an electrical source. Along with emergency uses, canned butter also has more conventional applications right inside your kitchen.

Canned butter recipes that you can use every day

If you've ever wanted to replicate the steakhouse experience right in the comfort of your own home, this compound butter recipe is just the thing for you. Also known as flavored butter, compound butter recipes can be used to top steaks for an explosion of savory flavors. Take Beurdell or some other brand of canned butter and mix it until the texture is silky smooth. You can also use a food processor for this step if you have one available. Next, add other ingredients to the blended butter to boost the flavor. When it comes to steak toppings, salt, pepper, garlic, and herbs are great accompaniments, but feel free to tweak the recipe to match your own taste preferences.

Certain recipes, including this Betty Crocker recipe for chocolate chip cookies, call for softened butter. In this case, using Beurdell or some other brand of canned butter will ensure the butter has the proper softness to imbue the cookies with the smoothest, buttery texture possible. You'll also need eggs, flour, granulated sugar, brown sugar, salt, vanilla, baking soda, and chocolate chips. Real, full-fat butter is recommended in this recipe to achieve the best possible results, so Beurdell and other canned brands are definitely a welcome addition.