Dole Just Released 8 Brand-New Internationally-Inspired Dole Whip Recipes

Dole Whip Day is a holiday designed to honor an iconic frosty dessert consisting of all-natural ingredients, such as fruit juices. According to Today, Dole is encouraging fans of its unique product to celebrate this July 20 by releasing eight all-new Dole Whip recipes that won't disappoint. Featuring a whole slew of surprising ingredients from around the globe, the line of new recipes includes: Golden Curry & Mango, Twisted Candy Cane, Creamy Lemon-Blueberry Swirl, Frozen Mexican Hot Chocolate, Mint Green, Sweet & Spicy Tamarindo, Healthy Halo-Halo Inspired, and Blue Hawaiian.

Per Dole's director of corporate communications Bil Goldfield, the new recipes incorporate "new farm-fresh fruits and vegetables like mangos, avocados, plantains, grapes and even spinach to the list of what's possible to create more lifelong produce fans." Previously, Dole Whip was only available for purchase at certain retailers and within Disney theme parks. Dole has since released a variety of recipes to ensure consumers can fully enjoy this wholesome and delicious treat, which has the distinction of being a gluten-free, vegan dessert.

Standouts among the new Dole Whip recipes

While the full listing of new Dole Whip recipes is undeniably delicious, there are a few stars among the many tasty ingredients and flavors. The Frozen Mexican Hot Chocolate Dole Whip converts a classic wintertime treat into a delightful summer dessert. This recipe calls for cocoa powder, cashew milk, and avocados, among many other tasty ingredients.

If you prefer your dessert to have a touch of heat, Sweet & Spicy Tamarindo Dole Whip is the perfect option for you. The real star of this recipe is the tamarind concentrate, which is sourced from the tangy tropical fruit of the same name. Other ingredients include plantains, coconut milk, pineapple, and chili-lime seasoning to infuse the perfect amount of spiciness.

There's also a Golden Curry & Mango Dole Whip recipe that calls for curry powder and turmeric to create an unforgettable flavor. This refreshing treat also uses frozen mango, cinnamon, and fresh ginger. With the full line of Dole Whip recipes, summer is about to become a whole lot tastier for people who love chilled treats.