The Fun Peanut Butter Hack For Utilizing Every Last Drop

If you're a pro at making peanut butter jelly sandwiches, you'll know how frustrating it is to scrape out the last dregs of peanut butter from its jar. A TikTok hack has come to the rescue by showing that spinning a jar of peanut butter on the floor will help to make the PB creamier and rise to the top of its jar so it's easier to scoop out. The hack was started by someone with the username @equivocal_intuition, but it was the user @shopsplat who made it go viral. So far, @shopsplat's video has been viewed over 88,000 times.  

In order for the hack to work, you'll need a jar of mostly-eaten peanut butter that you'll place on the floor and spin with your hands. When you open the jar, you'll see it looks swirly and creamy on top. Okay, okay, we know it sounds unreal. Even @shopsplat expressed doubt in his video, saying, "There's no way this is going to work. If this works, I'm gonna flip." But, after spinning the jar on the floor in front of him for a few minutes, he opened it, and voila — the peanut butter was creamy and full. Of course, the peanut butter hack doesn't cause the jar to become full again (no magic tricks here), but it just looks that way because its contents have been spun around so they get transferred to the top of the jar. 

How to make this peanut butter hack work

After watching the TikTok video, some people have tried their hand at making the hack work, but they weren't always successful. TikTok user @bbgirlbandit finally got the hack to work but stated, "Finally on attempt 752." If you want to try the hack yourself, there are some tips for getting it right. It should go without saying, but make sure you spin the peanut butter jar on a floor that's even and flat so you'll get the most consistent spinning action. 

Then, get ready to use some elbow grease, as the faster and harder you spin it, the more successful you'll be. You need to agitate the jar's contents enough to push the peanut butter up to the top of the jar. Stop every minute or so to open the jar and check your progress. Oh, and in the future it might help you to consider another peanut butter hack — store the jar upside down so that the oils will move from the bottom of the jar to the top upon opening, preventing you from having to do such a workout before breakfast. Once you have nice and smooth peanut butter that's easier to spread, you can do lots of things you didn't know you could do with peanut butter, like using it in dipping sauces.

What type of peanut butter yields the best results

In a YouTube video courtesy of Good Morning America, three types of peanut butter were tested to see which one worked the best with the hack — creamy no-stir peanut butter, no-stir crunchy peanut butter, or crunchy natural peanut butter. The no-stir peanut butter varieties performed the best, looking the creamiest after being spun around, but the creamy variety took the top spot. Although the crunchy natural peanut butter did rise to the top of the jar, it quickly sunk back in. So, even though there are good reasons why crunchy peanut butter is better than smooth, you might want to experiment with different peanut butter varieties to see which one works the best. 

Peanut butter aside, you could use this spinning jar hack for other spreads, like mayonnaise and Nutella. You'll have to test if it works well for spreads that have become too hard in the jar, though, as extra effort will probably be required to give you the results you want. Go on and give this hack a spin the next time you're scraping peanut butter out of the jar — it might just be a game-changer. But if the hack doesn't work for you and you're still wasting that last bit of peanut butter in the jar, there's also an ice cream hack to use the last bits of PB. You're welcome.