Oreo Cookies Make The Perfect Base For Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches

An ice cream sandwich just hits a little differently than a traditional ice cream cone. There is something about the semi-soft cookie bun, such as with a Chipwich, that makes it feel extra indulgent. But have you ever swapped the typical chocolate chip cookie for something else — like an Oreo? Mix the creamy center with some vanilla ice cream, then squish it between two Oreo wafers for the perfect sweet treat any time of the year.

There's a lot to know about Oreo cookies, and one is that their wafers are an excellent base for an ice cream sandwich — they're firm enough that the ice cream won't make them overly soggy as it melts. It will soften the cookie just right — think of ice cream melting over the Oreo similarly to dipping the Oreo in milk. And if you want to get even more creative, there are a few fun ways to jazz up this cookie sandwich even more.

Oreo cookies make perfect ice cream sandwiches

There are two ways to do this. First, you can go the standard route, where you take the Oreo cookie apart and use each individual wafer as the base for an ice cream sandwich. You can mix the Oreo filling into the ice cream so as not to waste it (or you can just eat it on its own while you prepare the sandwiches). You can use vanilla ice cream to stay traditional, or get creative and use Oreo cookies and cream, chocolate chip, mint chip, or any other favorite flavors. The other option is to make an extra thick sandwich where you use an entire Oreo for each bun — this method is for true Oreo lovers.

While there is no correct way to prepare your Oreo ice cream sandwich, you don't even have to stop there. If you're a serious chocolate lover, you can prepare the sandwich as desired, then dip the whole thing in melted dark (or white) chocolate for another element of chocolatey goodness. Just pop the chocolate-covered sandwiches in the freezer for a few minutes to let them harden, then enjoy.

Other ways to spice up an Oreo ice cream sandwich

When you're the one making the dessert, you can get as creative as you want. When it comes to these Oreo cookie sandwiches, you can even take a couple of extra cookies and toss them in a food processor. Crumble them, and combine them with homemade vanilla ice cream to make the ultimate cookies and cream sandwich.

You can also go the classic Chipwich route and coat the sandwich in chocolate chips. Or, if you prefer something more colorful, buy some rainbow sprinkles and let the kiddos have fun rolling their own ice cream sandwiches in their toppings of choice. And if you've ever seen "The Parent Trap," you know that there is one thing that pairs perfectly with an Oreo: peanut butter. Spread a bit of peanut butter onto the wafer before adding the vanilla ice cream for an exciting flavor pairing.