The Ice Cube Tray Hack For Making The Cutest Little Cheesecakes

If there's anything that can make a dessert more adorable, it's miniaturization, and making mini versions of a rich, creamy, decadent cheesecake is no exception. By using an ice cube tray as the mold for mini desserts, it's super simple to make your own mini-cheesecakes that are as delicious as they are cute.

There are numerous ways to create mini cheesecakes using ice cube trays, and most recipes simply ask you to whip up a no-bake filling without eggs and fill the tray with it along with other ingredients. However, there are multiple ways to go about making these little delights. Whether you prefer a classic cream cheese filling or want to experiment with fruity variations, ice cube tray cheesecakes offer endless possibilities.

You can add layers of different flavors, from fresh fruit to graham cracker crumbles (which you can swap out for less sugary Wheat Thins) and even delicious dark chocolate, to make your mini cheesecakes even more tasty and enticing. Love the classic New York-style cheesecake or like to mix it up with something a little more adventurous, like matcha or lavender? That's all possible with this no-bake recipe and freezing hack.

The best part? Not only are these mini cheesecakes cute and delicious, they're also the perfect portion size for snacking. So grab your ice cube tray and get ready to whip up some of the cutest and tastiest desserts you've ever seen.

How to make the cheesecake filling

When it comes to making miniature cheesecakes, the filling is everything. Since we'll be freezing these cuties into bite-sized cubes, we need a filling that doesn't require any baking — which means leaving eggs out of the equation. Some popular alternatives are sour cream or yogurt, both of which add a tangy and creamy consistency.

A typical bite-sized cheesecake recipe, for example, combines cream cheese, powdered sugar, vanilla, and sour cream for a luscious, smooth filling. For a full-flavored and creamy result, it's recommended you opt for full-fat ingredients, but for a lighter twist, consider using Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. Other tips for an ultra-creamy and silky-smooth cheesecake filling include using room-temperature ingredients to ensure they blend together seamlessly.

To get a creamy filling, mix cream cheese and heavy cream before adding granulated sugar, which helps break down the cream cheese, and confectioner's sugar, which will help thicken the mix. Adding vanilla extract and lemon juice can help dial down the richness of the sweeter ingredients and balance out the flavors if needed.

Most recipes also call for patience, as any no-bake cheesecake takes a while to set. This isn't as big of an issue with this ice cube tray hack, as you'll be freezing the cubes instead of chilling them. Just pop 'em in the freezer for about 45 minutes, or until they've hardened completely.

Customize your mini cheesecakes

Once you've settled on your filling, remember to fill the ice cube trays in reverse order. The bottom of the tray will be the top of your mini cheesecake bites, so use this opportunity to add some special toppings like fresh berry bits, chopped nuts, or drizzled caramel. Alternatively, you can coat the tray with chocolate to create an outer shell that'll crunch when you bite into it before sinking your teeth into that creamy cheesecake.

If you want to add a pop of color, you can easily do so by using food coloring or by swirling in some jam before freezing the mixture. Another fun way to customize your mini cheesecakes is by using different types of ice cube tray molds. You can find trays in fun shapes like hearts, stars, or flowers to match any occasion. Aiming for bigger bites? Pour the mixture into cupcake trays and freeze them just the same, or stack your mini cheesecakes on top of one another for a beautiful layered effect.

Top them off with whipped cream, decadent drizzles, or small bite-sized pieces of chocolate, and serve them on plates or in cute little cups. Ultimately, the beauty of making cheesecake bites in an ice cube tray is that it allows for creativity and experimentation. Customize your filling and toppings for a unique treat that's sure to impress. If you need help jazzing things up, follow these cheesecake hacks to elevate the classic treat.