Pillsbury's Discontinued Waffle Sticks Were A Staple Of The Early 2000s

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We all have our own childhood memories of chomping down on a favorite snack from decades past. Unfortunately, as years pass, so do some of our favorite food products. The early 2000s were marked by many fun and colorful food items, especially for kids and adult kids alike. Apart from the discontinued breakfast cereals we wish they'd bring back, like Froot Loops cereal straws and French Toast Crunch, many of us look back at a few of the unique on-the-go breakfast options with a warming sense of nostalgia.

Hearing or seeing the word "Pillsbury" probably makes you think of the brand's famous tubed crescent rolls. However, if you were a child or pre-teen in the early 2000s, you might also picture Pillsbury waffle sticks which were sadly discontinued four years after their popular debut in 2003. Social media users on the Reddit platform agree this is one convenient breakfast option worth bringing back.

Lovers of foods past are not only reminded of this once popular treat thanks to social media users' nostalgia-based content, but they're hoping Pillsbury reconsiders discontinuing this convenient breakfast snack. Before we reveal some new and fun ways you can get your on-the-go breakfast fix without the return of these buzzworthy snacks, let's look at the level of devotion some foodies have for Pillsbury's beloved waffle sticks with dippin' cups.   

Vintage food lovers hope Pillsbury waffle sticks make a present-day comeback

During a busy week, most of us can't drop what we're doing to make homemade buttermilk chicken and waffle bites. Thankfully, Pillsbury helped those of us in need of a quick morning bite with their waffle sticks and dippin' cups in 2003. These handy frozen waffles came in buttermilk, blueberry, chocolate chip, and cinnamon flavors with all varieties deemed microwave-safe (including the syrup) for easy prep.

While these nostalgic breakfast foods were discontinued sometime in the mid-2000s, that hasn't curtailed certain social media users from relishing in the past and reigniting foodies' love for these Pillsbury treats. One user posted a series of TikTok videos detailing a mishmash of many favorite foods from the late 1990s and early 2000s including Pillsbury's beloved waffle bites and other fan favorites like tiny size Chicklets and PowerPuff Girls branded Pop-Tarts.


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In response to the video, one user states "Waffle sticks were the best!!!!" People love these Pillsbury products so much, in fact, that certain Pillsbury lovers have asked the company directly to bring them back via social media. In December 2020, Pillsbury responded to one Twitter user's request by assuring the message would be relayed to customer service. Although Pillsbury has yet to bring back the brand's popular waffle sticks, the company continues to offer innovative ways to customize its current frozen breakfast items. 

Get creative with Pillsbury's current line of frozen foods

While we have yet to see Pillsbury waffle sticks return to the freezer section of our neighborhood supermarkets, there's a scientific reason nostalgic foods are making a comeback in 2023. For some, pondering simpler times when Pillsbury waffle sticks were eaten on the way to school can provoke positive emotions. Even though these early 2000s snacks have yet to make a comeback, there are ways to customize present-day frozen food offerings into on-the-go snacks. Of course, you can still make a wide range of waffle sticks with Pillsbury pancake and waffle mixes. Feel free to use the brand's Funfetti Complete mix to give your breakfast a fun, colorful twist.

If you're still pressed for time and don't have a free morning to make your own waffle sticks, there are many handy frozen snacks currently available on the market. You can buy Pillsbury mini waffles from a few major retailers online or grab a trusted box of Toaster Strudel from your local supermarket. Eggo also sells mini waffles with maple syrup flavor and Target sells their own version of miniature frozen waffles through the company's in-house Good & Gather label. While there may be many convenient foods available to satisfy your present-day hunger, Millennials and Gen-Zers agree there was nothing quite like Pillsbury waffle sticks with dippin' cups. Maybe with enough persistence, we'll see these beloved snacks make a long-awaited return one day in the future.