No One Can Stop You From Putting Bacon In Your S'mores

There's nothing like classic campfire s'mores to get you in the summer spirit. They're gooey and have a hint of smoke from the campfire-roasted marshmallows. While s'mores were originally designed with graham crackers, slabs of chocolate, and a marshmallow, modern cooks have added some fun twists.

One of these twists is to add bacon to your s'mores. Bacon adds a salty taste that enhances the sugar and helps bring out the flavors of your dessert even more. Plus, bacon is easy to cook over the fire on a camping trip!

To make bacon s'mores, you'll need two graham crackers, one marshmallow, a slab of your favorite chocolate, and one strip of bacon — bonus points if it's thick-cut! Fry the bacon until it's crispy around the edges or as well done as you like. Next, roast the marshmallow until it's golden brown. Place a slab of chocolate, the bacon, and the marshmallow on one graham cracker to wrap up your bacon s'more. Use the other graham cracker to slap them together, and you've got a tasty s'more!

Who invented s'mores, anyway?

Almost every American has heard of s'mores; in fact, they've become so popular that other countries caught on to the trend too. For example, Timeout reports that this popular summer snack arrived in Japan in 2018 at the takeout-only Ginza café. There, you can enjoy a twist on the classic s'more in the form of a little tart. That's just the start of the s'mores craze.

However, long before s'mores went international, this treat was being whipped up by Girl Scouts in the U.S. The original recipe is thought to have been invented by one particular Girl Scout leader named Loretta Scott Crew while on a camping trip, according to Insider. Although the date she created it isn't known, what we do know is that the official recipe showed up in a Girl Scout cookbook in 1927.

The recipe was titled 'Some More,' although today, that's been shortened to s'more. The recipe clearly lived up to its name, as today it's become a popular hit that's beloved not just by Girl Scouts but by campers and homebodies alike.

Other fun twists on the classic s'mores recipe

If you love the thought of eating s'mores with bacon, that's far from the only twist you can add. Another great way to upgrade your s'mores is using different flavored graham crackers. Switch out the classic for cinnamon graham crackers. Or, trade in graham crackers altogether and use chocolate chip or Oreo cookies instead. Either way, you'll get a unique taste for your s'mores.

You can also play around with the chocolate in your s'mores. Instead of using classic block chocolate, try adding peanut butter cups to give your s'more a peanut butter twist. Alternatively, you can use Rolos for a caramel flavor in your treat.

Finally, you can always add other ingredients to your s'mores. Try slices of fruit, a layer of cookie butter, or anything else you like or think would taste good together. When making s'mores, get creative and see what new recipes you can invent.