Twitter Debates How To Toast The Perfect Marshmallow

The internet is at it again. But this time, Twitter is fighting over how one should toast and eat a marshmallow. Journalist Yashar Ali shared a chart displaying differently toasted marshmallows ranging from untouched to seriously scorched on Twitter, stating that only "5 or 6 are correct" on a scale of one to 10. But reader, people are all riled up. They have opinions.

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And one of those people is Chrissy Teigen. The "Lip Sync Battle" co-host and self-proclaimed de-motivational speaker replied to Ali saying that her preferred levels of toastiness are seven and eight, adding that five and six "might as well be plain ass mallows!!!!!"

Surprisingly, others said they enjoy their marshmallows burnt to a crisp.

"I do like a good eschar on mine, then you get to tease it off with your teeth and fingers to expose the goodness beneath! So I'm a 9 or 10!" said Dr. Jen Gunter, an obstetrician-gynecologist and writer from Canada. An ally under the alias @maconder71 responded, "Agreed! The crunchy outer shell pops and releases the sweet heaven of the melted interior."

Although Gunter and company weren't the only ones who felt this way, it appears that most respondents prefer levels five through eight. There were also people included in the debate who just wanted everyone else to know that they just don't like marshmallows.

"Marshmallows are disgusting and people who eat them are sickos," said Mother Jones' Ben Dreyfuss.

Similarly, author Dylan Park said, "10, then throw it in the trash because any marshmallows not found in a box of Lucky Charms are garbage." 

And then there was @TrevHotch, whose wife is all of us: "My wife's the one not shown on the chart where the marshmallow melts and falls off the skewer into the fire."

Daily Meal staffers briefly congregated for an informal survey, in which we found that our average team preferences were six and seven. We also discovered that practically all of us enjoy catching the whole marshmallow on fire to watch it burn for a moment before placing it smack dab between two graham crackers and a fat slab of chocolate. This way, it's crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside. 

If there's one thing we can agree on, it's that we can't all agree on the way we like to toast our marshmallows. But that's OK, because guess who is eating it when it's done? You and you only. Live your life! Plus, this isn't nearly as controversial as the biggest food debates of our generation.