Checkers And Rally's Are Going All In On National French Fry Day With 2 July Deals

If you needed another excuse to grab a carton of french fries, here's a perfect one. National French Fry Day is July 14, and many fast food establishments are opting to roll out special deals in recognition of the holiday. McDonald's went big and offered its customers free french fries in 2020. Another chain offering free fries this year is fan-favorite Checkers & Rally's. 

The drive-thru restaurant chain has been selling its seasoned fries since the chain's start in 1986.Many fans even pointed to the chain as having the most crave-able fries in America, per a survey by Restaurant Business Online. In celebration of National French Fry Day, the chain will offer two special deals on those beloved fries, per a July 10 press release. From July 14 to July 16, rewards members will get a free order of extra-large fries through the app. In addition, any customer can receive any size order of fries for just $1 from July 24 to August 6. This bargain applies to any customer, whether in-person or through the app.

While other chains with french fries might offer a similar deal, this occasion is especially meaningful to Checker's & Rally's thanks to the big part it played in changing National French Fry Day for good.

How Checker's changed National French Fry Day forever

Unbeknownst to some, Checker's & Rally's was instrumental in changing a big part of National French Fry Day.The chain started a petition in 2022, asking the creator of the National Day Calendar to ensure the holiday would always fall on a Friday. (Previously, it was celebrated on a Wednesday.) 

The bid was wildly successful, with the petition garnering more than 22 million impressions on social media and 50,000 signatures. The National Day Calendar heard the cry for change, and now the holiday will be celebrated a on Fry-day every year. (Just as it should be.) "Rallying America and fry fans across the country to permanently move this beloved food holiday was a monumental moment for Checkers & Rally's and it's our privilege to celebrate the official change beginning this year in a big way," Frances Allen, the CEO & President of Checkers Drive-In Restaurants, said in a statement. 

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