The Strange Rumor Surrounding The Discontinued PB Max Bar

Discontinued snacks are often subject to lots of rumors and speculation, especially when they captivate consumers. The PB Max bar, which was created by Mars in 1989 and discontinued between the years of 1992 and 1994, is no exception, as this peanut buttery snack came and went rather quickly. Even more curious is the purported reason for the snack's discontinuation, as debated in a Reddit thread. Per the poster, the candy bar was given the axe because the Mars family apparently dislikes peanut butter.

It appears that this rumor has a basis in the truth, at least according to the book "The emperors of chocolate: inside the secret world of Hershey and Mars." A former executive for Mars explained that the family chose to discontinue the product due to their view of peanut butter, even though the candy bar brought in a whopping $50 million while it was on store shelves. It should be noted that this rumor has never been substantiated by the Mars family or any current employees. Additionally, it's quite curious that the minds behind a successful company would put their preferences over profits when you consider that people still clamor for PB Max online.

Consumers don't share the same distaste for peanut butter

A YouTube video featuring the original PB Max commercial showcases the treat in all its peanut butter glory. Despite the outdated tone and style of the ad, you can't deny the delicious images of gooey peanut butter surrounded by milk chocolate. And based on the video's comments, the appeal of the PB Max has definitely lingered among candy loving consumers.

According to one commenter, "PB Max was the best candy bar of all time." Another person waxes nostalgic when remembering the sweet treat, stating, "A refrigerated cool PB Max with a big glass of milk, oh why did they discontinue this wonderful confection?" Yet another commenter desperately proclaims, "Man, I have not had one of these since I was probably 8 years old... But I LOVED THEM!!!!!"

Among the many adoring comments are quite a few people wondering whether PB Max will ever return. Perhaps the Mars family has since overcome their peanut butter aversion to provide their customers with what they want. Unfortunately, that question is not so easy to answer.

Will PB Max ever make its auspicious return?

Despite the fact that PB Max has not been available for some time, fans of the candy are apparently not able to let go. A petition from 2014 was initiated to restore the honor of the snack, but sadly only garnered 130 signatures before being closed. A Facebook page dedicated to the return of the PB Max was also launched in 2015, in an effort to get the attention of Mars to release this beloved yet disrespected candy.

Despite the passion of the PB Max fanbase, both campaigns have appeared to hit a dead end. As for Mars, the manufacturer still produces many candy bars, including Snickers, Twix, 3 Musketeers, and Dove. However, the presence of peanut butter is conspicuously absent among its line of snacks. Maybe the rumors are true, and Mars really does have some kind of vendetta against peanut butter-based chocolate treats. Regardless of the real reason, it appears the company has left a PB Max-sized hole in the hearts of consumers.