The Discontinued Cheerios Flavor We Once Went Bananas For

Most of us have a cereal or two we look back on with fond memories since many limited-time varieties are no longer available in stores. Among the most popular breakfast cereals through the decades, Cheerios definitely rest somewhere near the top of this epic assortment. Made of whole-grain oats, Cheerios have been around since the 1940s. While many of us have had at least one bowl of the classic o's from that one and only signature yellow box, new and exciting flavors have been introduced throughout the years that have taken our excitement over a simple bowl of cereal to unexpected heights.

No one can argue the popularity of Honey Nut Cheerios: While you might assume the original Cheerios to be the most popular variety, the Honey Nut version became the most-sold flavor worldwide back in 2009. Apart from Honey Nut Cheerios, however, there have been limited-time flavors that have debuted throughout the years that have garnered a low-key cult following. In 2009, Cheerios introduced a Banana Nut variety made with their signature oats, corn, and real bananas. Many cereal aficionados claimed the variety tasted like freshly baked banana bread. While Banana Nut Cheerios may have been a hit for many cereal lovers, General Mills pulled the variety from store shelves in 2015. However, this one-of-a-kind flavor made a short-lived comeback a few years later leaving Banana Nut Cheerio fans hungry for more.

The original Banana Nut Cheerios are a product of the past

Among the definitive ranking of Cheerios flavors, there is a certain sect of cereal lovers that would happily claim Banana Nut Cheerios were the best limited-time variety. After the sweet banana-flavored version was pulled from store shelves in 2015, Cheerios fans petitioned General Mills and spoke out on social media platforms like Twitter hoping to convince the major corporation to bring back the sweet assortment. These banana-loving consumers ultimately had their wish granted in 2017 when Banana Nut Cheerios returned to supermarket shelves across the country.

Unfortunately, for many OG Banana Nut Cheerios fans, the taste and texture of the 2017 assortment did not compare to the variety fans remembered. When Cheerios posted a picture of the new and improved assortment on Facebook, fans spoke out claiming the banana flavor was too subtle and the new cinnamon taste was overpowering. Cheerios confirmed in a comment that the new Banana Nut Cheerios were made of oats instead of a corn and oat mixture like the 2009 variety. Cheerios also admitted to adding a more delicate flavor profile of banana and cinnamon together, as opposed to a strong banana flavor throughout. Knowing that General Mills didn't quite deliver on the Banana Nut Cheerios front, did the new 2017 variety garner enough positive attention to claim a long-term spot on grocery store shelves?

For now, Banana Nut Cheerios is a product of the past

Unfortunately for those longing for the baked banana taste of original Banana Nut Cheerios, you may never again get to experience that specific flavor in your morning breakfast bowl. While the newer variety that debuted in 2017 remained a veritable product on store shelves intermittently until May 2020, based on the current assortment listed on the Cheerios website, Banana Nut Cheerios are no longer available.

Even though the Cheerios website lists current flavors like Cinnamon Oat Crunch and Blueberry, Banana Nut Cheerios may be considered one of many discontinued breakfast cereals you wish they'd bring back. Many Banana Nut Cheerios fans were disappointed to find their favorite flavor missing from grocery stores in late 2020. One consumer even created a petition on for General Mills to make Banana Nut Cheerios a stable everyday variety in the brand's perpetual list of Cheerios flavors. No one knows the real reason Banana Nut Cheerios didn't become a permanent product. While certain cereal fans loved this specific variety, the reality may be that Banana Nut Cheerios weren't producing enough profit compared to other unique Cheerios flavors. If you're still clinging to the thought of once again experiencing that savory banana bread taste in your morning bowl of cereal, don't lose hope. You may get lucky and see Banana Nut Cheerios pop up for limited-time offerings in the future.