Pringles Just Released 4 New Flavors With A Crunchy Twist

While best known for its shape and tubular packaging, Pringles will now be synonymous with wholesome, savory flavors thanks to an update to its product line. As explained in a June 7 press release, Pringles has added four new flavor varieties featuring sweet potatoes and multigrain. The Harvest Blends collection is a nod to the assortment of ingredients featured within each new flavor.

In addition to the sweet potato-multigrain base used to construct each of the new chip flavors, Pringles' latest release also includes other ingredients that may surprise snack lovers. The Harvest Blends line is currently on store shelves throughout the country; fans can track down the new chips with Pringles' store locator

If the inclusion of two new ingredients isn't enough to pique fans' interest, shoppers might be swayed by the flavor options included in the Harvest Blends line: sea salt, smoky BBQ, homestyle ranch, and farmhouse cheddar.

Pringles fans can choose from four flavor blends

Each flavor profile in the Harvest Blends line was carefully constructed to ensure the perfect balance of ingredients. The sweet potato sea salt version allows the subtle sweetness of the chip to take center stage, while the inclusion of sea salt amplifies the inherent flavors of the chip. If you're in search of something bolder, the sweet potato smoky BBQ chips have a sweetly smoky flavor profile that's perfect for summertime gatherings.

Pringles' multigrain farmhouse cheddar combines sweet grains and black beans, which are lightly toasted to create the perfect chip base. These flavors are enhanced by the inclusion of aged cheddar and a smattering of sea salt, which offsets the savory flavors. Last but certainly not least is the Harvest Blends multigrain homestyle ranch, which also features a grain and black bean base.

Since it first came onto the scene in 1968, Pringles has shown the value of thinking outside the box (or bag, as it were). And with its new flavors, the chip manufacturer has continued its dedication to snack innovation.