Pringles Knows Our Biggest Issue With Its Chips In Super Bowl 2023 Ad

Pringles' appearance is arguably more memorable than the chips' actual taste. (We say "chips," but these oddly shaped snacks are technically "crisps," according to Thrillist.) Apparently, the FDA didn't like that Pringles were made of more than just potato, so calling them "potato chips" was off the table. Still, those other ingredients — corn, rice, wheat — are essential to the production process that makes Pringles the saddle-like hyperbolic paraboloids they are.

That curvy shape allows Pringles to be perfectly stacked, preventing broken bits in the container. As for that container, a bag would defeat the purpose of stacking. Instead, Pringles' creators opted for a can. 

The designer of the Pringles can was so proud of the idea, he ensured some of his ashes were buried in a Pringles can after he died. But if you ask us, getting a hand stuck in a Pringles can while we're alive is a bummer.

'It happens to the best of us'

It turns out, Pringles knows consumers don't like getting their hands stuck in its cans. 

During a Super Bowl 2023 commercial, a teen stumbles into that familiar trap. His grandpa assures him, "It happens to the best of us." Anyone from surgeons to judges to airport ground crew, to game show contestants, bowlers, and even Meghan Trainor are susceptible. Don't bother avoiding this sad fate — Pringles wants you to "get stuck in."

It's a cute idea, but what's in it for consumers? As announced in a Feb. 7 press release, getting "stuck in" is actually a Super Bowl Sunday sweepstakes. If any "stuck in" moments happen during the big game — such as a football getting wedged into the goal's inner corner — participants could win free Pringles for a year. (To be eligible, fans needed to sign up before noon Eastern on Feb. 12.)