Amazon Prime Customers Are Getting Yet Another Free Year Of Grubhub+

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Being an Amazon Prime member certainly has its perks, and these perks have gotten even tastier, according to a recent press release. Last summer, Amazon partnered with Grubhub to provide Prime members with one free year of Grubhub+, a service that features $0 delivery fees and other discounts from select restaurants when ordering takeout or delivery online. Now, with this extension, that deal is still available to Prime members, who can enjoy a whopping 24 months of Grubhub+ absolutely free if they sign up by July 5.

Those who redeem on July 6 or afterward also earn themselves similar benefits, albeit for one year as opposed to two. And for those members who signed up for the original deal, they'll have access to free Grubhub+ for an additional year. As stated by Amazon Prime's vice president, Jamil Ghani, "we are excited to deliver even more savings to those who already redeemed and those yet to redeem by adding another free year of Grubhub+ to Prime." Along with convenience, many Prime members who take advantage of this offer can also expect big savings.

Save money while enjoying items from your favorite restaurants

Along with benefits like free shipping when ordering goods online, Amazon Prime members have access to a variety of movies and TV shows. And with free Grubhub+, Prime members can have their food delivered right to their door to ensure their home movie night is as enjoyable as possible. It's estimated by Grubhub that placing one Grubhub+ order per month can amount to savings of $230 every year, as you won't need to worry about food delivery prices. Also, the service provides access to specials and promotions that wouldn't otherwise be available.

Prime members can redeem this tasty offer by checking out this page on Amazon's website. There, you'll be asked to provide an email address and create a unique password to set up an account on Grubhub. After that, you can activate the Grubhub+ account for free for the next 24 months, provided that you sign up by July 5. Once those 24 months are up, you'll be charged $9.99 each additional month, if you choose to keep the service. This free offer may be too good to miss out on, especially if you're a frequent Grubhub user.