Texas Pete's Buffalo Sauce Is Being Recalled Due To A Product Mix-Up

If you're a fan of Texas Pete's buffalo sauce, you'll want to hear this: the product is being recalled due to a labeling issue. According to a statement on the FDA's website, the brand's bottles labeled "Buffalo Wing Sauce" might actually contain "Extra Mild Buffalo Wing Sauce," the latter of which is made with soy; the soy was undeclared on the incorrectly labeled bottle.

T.W. Garner Food Company, the brand's parent company, is voluntarily recalling the products and said in the statement that as of the recall date, no illnesses had been reported. Those who purchased the product — especially those with a soy allergy — are encouraged to discard the sauce immediately or return it for a refund. Affected bottles are 12 ounces and contain the UPC code 120623T 065239; they were only sold in the following 13 states: Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

Products with certain allergens are required to be labeled in the United States

In the U.S., there are eight common allergens that are required by the FDA to be a part of a product's label if they're within that product. Soy is one of those allergens; T.W. Garner Food Company said the mistake happened during the sauce's production, with the soy-laden sauce accidentally being bottled with a label that suggested it was a different kind of sauce — one that normally does not contain the allergen.

Despite the concern, mislabeling mistakes are quite common among food products. Each year, numerous food products are recalled, and undeclared allergens continue to be the leading reason for recalls. According to a USDA summary, 2022 saw 45 product recalls with undeclared allergens being the leading cause of recalls (11 total). 2021 and 2020 both saw undeclared allergens as the leading recall cause as well. T.W. Garner Food Company encourages anyone who has questions or concerns to contact the brand's Quality Assurance Manager at 336-231-6417 or via email at contactus@garnerfoods.com.