Taco Bell Adds A Spicy Twist To Its Menu With New Steak Chile Verde Fries

According to Taco Bell, the way to enhance its wildly popular nacho fries is by adding succulent steak and zesty sauce. And that's precisely what the chain is doing with the release of its Steak Chile Verde Fries. The new menu item consists of fries (with the perfect amount of spice), marinated grilled steak, sour cream, nacho cheese sauce, a blend of three cheeses, and Fiesta strips for a bit of crunch. The dish also includes the restaurant's brand-new Chile Verde sauce, which features herbs, lime, and jalapeño.

Per chief food innovation officer Liz Matthews, "spicy, crunchy, [and] saucy" are the flavors and textures that fans of Taco Bell love most. They're also sure to enjoy the "balanced pops of lime, garlic, and jalapeño" evident in the new sauce. The new fries retail for $4.49, which is a steal when you consider this item could be a meal by itself. 

Of course, that's not the only thing Taco Bell is cooking up this summer.

How to get your hands on the Steak Chile Verde Fries

Customers have until June 28 to order the new Steak Chile Verde Fries, or at least until supplies last. However, USA Today reports that the new menu item will only be available to DashPass members on DoorDash from May 25 through May 31. After that, customers can order them via the Taco Bell app.

The chain is also offering other new items, including the Steak Chile Verde Fries Burrito, which takes the fries, marinated steak, and other ingredients and surrounds them with a soft tortilla. The Enchirito is also making its auspicious return to the menu, albeit for a limited time. This dish consists of onions, beans, and beef in a flour tortilla. Finishing touches include red sauce and a smattering of cheese for a decadent meal. The Enchirito is a classic menu item, first appearing at Taco Bell way back in 1970. 

Taco Bell fans can pair one of the new menu items with a refreshing Watermelon Berry Lemonade Freeze. And in late June, the chain will be reintroducing its Volcano menu, which includes burritos, tacos, and fiery Lava Sauce.