The Only Reason Duff Goldman Might Turn Down Your Cake Request

If you've ever watched "Ace of Cakes," or if you follow Charm City Cakes on social media, you're probably pretty familiar with Duff Goldman's work. When the baker isn't hosting Food Network's "Kids Baking Championship," he can be found working at his bakery in Baltimore, creating super unique custom cakes for his customers.

In fact, there are few things that Goldman isn't willing to try. In the past, Charm City Cakes has created desserts that resemble an ornate peacock, a realistic looking fish, and even dinosaurs standing in front of a volcano. However, that doesn't mean Goldman will immediately agree to every request a customer sends his way.

In an interview with Insider, Goldman said he will refuse anything he deems disrespectful to his staff. "Everybody who works with me is a really great artist," he told the outlet. And since Goldman values his employees' time and efforts, he only accepts orders that he thinks are worthy of their skills.

Goldman won't bake up any inappropriate designs

Charm City Cakes isn't strictly a family-friendly bakery. It's previously worked with Guinness to replicate a can of beer in cake-form, and it's created a gruesome zombie head cake, complete with fake blood. However, Duff Goldman does have a limit and will turn down any overly lewd cake design requests.

"There's been a couple of cakes where people have wanted not-so-tasteful things, and we usually shy away from those kinds of orders," Goldman informed Insider. "I feel something like that would be an insult to [the staff's] talent."

Outside of the few orders that Goldman has rejected, he reiterated the bakery has taken on some pretty impressive projects and is usually up for a challenge. He also explained that Charm City Cakes even has in-house mechanics working to accomplish any wild orders that the bakery accepts. Additionally, it will outsource assistance for anything the crew can't manage on their own.

The Charm City Cakes team is made up of friends

Duff Goldman's appreciation for his staff is definitely evident. In another interview, Goldman said that most of his staff members are people he has "known for a long time" or that he has met through other friends. Even without prior cake decorating experience, Goldman takes a chance on those willing to learn — and apparently, it's paid off.

The result: a team full of buddies, both in and out of work hours. One staff member even said that Goldman's television persona is the same as his personality in real life. In fact, it was Goldman's charm that landed him his Food Network show in the first place, reports the Vancouver Sun.

You don't have to be one of Goldman's friends to get in on the fun, though. If you want to try your hand at baking up your own sweet treats, you can snag one of Goldman's DIY cake kits.