Fruit Roll-Up's New Mystery Flavor Goes Area 51 With Alien Encounters

If you've already tried ice cream-wrapped Fruit Roll-Ups, prepare for the brand's newest lineup of flavors: Alien Encounters. The fruit snack is taking inspiration from the famous Area 51 alien sightings and offering fans a chance to take their taste buds on an intergalactic ride.

With three flavor options to choose from, including the fruity Solar Melon and Star Berry, it's the elusive mystery flavor that has the brand buzzing with excitement. The big question is, can you guess what it is? If you can, you simply scan the package or visit a unique link to make your best guess of the elusive flavor. Those who guess correctly can win some Fruit Roll-Up alien swag.

Fruit Roll-Ups has long been a lunchbox staple for kids and adults alike, and now the brand is taking snack time to a whole new level. So why not grab a pouch, channel your inner Mulder and Scully, and see if you can solve the mystery of the Alien Encounters Fruit Roll-Up flavor?

Here's what to know about the fruity new flavors, how to win some space-themed swag, and why Fruit Roll-Ups is introducing this new interactive element into snack time (hint: it's all about updating its brand image to target teens and young adults).

Solving the mystery behind Fruit Roll-Ups' new packaging

This tasty treat marks an essential moment in Fruit Roll-Ups' history as it launches not only new flavors but is also part of a rebrand by parent company General Mills, which is also refreshing two of its other fruit snack brands.

In a brand statement released on the company website, Ta'mora Fuhrmann, Brand Design Manager for General Mills, said, "Creating an expressive and immersive brand experience for each of these brands was really important to us ... For teens specifically, it's imperative we fit seamlessly into their lives and deliver benefits that extend beyond the product."

To join the fun, snack lovers can scan the pouch with a smartphone or tablet or visit a special link to guess the mystery flavor. Sample a slice of the space-themed Fruit Roll-Up and guess whether the flavor is Cosmic Citrus Swirl, Galactic Grape, Stellar Strawberry Peach, or Mango Martian. Enter your guess and become eligible to win alien-inspired swag like a t-shirt, hoodie, bucket hat, or water bottle.

Are you brave enough to take on the challenge and solve this cosmic mystery? Visit the contest website to unlock the secrets of the Fruit Roll-Up universe. Products are set to hit shelves this summer.