The TikTok Strawberry Hulling Hack That Will Make Life So Much Easier

Although strawberry leaves are edible, many people prefer to only eat the sweet, fruity part of each berry. If you're eating strawberries whole but don't want the leafy greens, you could hold onto those leaves and bite around them before tossing out the tops. But if you're slicing up some strawberries for a fruit salad or just want to snack without focusing on each bite, you may want to remove the leaves ahead of time.

To help make your snacking just a little easier, one TikTok user shared their favorite way of removing the leaves from strawberries. In a video posted by chef Dean Edwards, they show off how they hull their strawberries using only a straw — a fitting tool to go along with the name of the fruit.

Edwards simply presses the opening of the straw against the bottom of the fruit (the slightly pointy part), then moves the straw through the entire length, aiming for the leafy top. Once a hole has been carved through the center, the leaves pop off with ease and can be quickly removed from the top of the straw.

Use this trick to speed up meal prep

In addition to the leaves, this trick can also remove the thicker, lighter center of strawberries, leaving you with only the juiciest parts of each fruit. Afterward, Edwards recommends slicing the hulled strawberries in half then adding some clotted cream to the treat. 


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Other TikTok users have shared their experiences with the trick, and it appears to work with paper, plastic, and reusable metal straws alike. One commenter shared that they tried the trick, and it made their breakfast meal-prep go by much quicker.

Some viewers voiced their concerns about the wasted food that came out in the straw along with the leaves. Edwards replied to those comments, however, sharing that they personally do eat the removed core — this trick was meant to be "a bit of fun" to help make prep-work a little easier. And there may be a few creative ways to use up those leftover leaves.

Strawberry leaves have many benefits

Once you've hulled your strawberries and have a pile of leaves, there are a couple different things you can use them for without wasting any. If you like fruity tasting water, you can use strawberry stems and leaves for your next favorite drink infusion. You could also toss them into your blender then add them to a smoothie, or chop them up to top off a salad.

In fact, saving the leaves for other uses may be a great way to sneak in some added health benefits. The leaves contain polyphenols, biological material that — per Greatist – could improve your heart health and may decrease high blood sugar. They also contain some vitamin C, which could boost your immune system. So, the next time you need to mash up some strawberry jam or slice up berries for a fruit salad, try using a straw to help save time in the kitchen, but also consider keeping the leaves for other culinary creations.