Bomb Pop's Latest Popsicle Launches Into A New Flavor Frontier

The iconic Bomb Pop is best known for its signature rocket-like shape, its patriotic color scheme, and its combination of lime, cherry, and blue raspberry flavors. But this summer, ice pop fans will have even more flavor combinations to choose from, thanks to a brand-new product release. The new Candy Clash Bomb Pops combine blue raspberry, strawberry, and watermelon flavors.

While the original red, white, and blue combo is beloved by kids and adults of all ages, Bomb Pop frequently introduces new flavors. The brand's latest mashup is being met with anticipation, as it's sure to make the dog days of summer so much cooler.

The hot weather will be here before you know it, which means households across America are stocking up on frozen treats. While ice pops are available from a variety of big-name dessert brands, the Original Bomb Pop remains a staple of summertime fun and revelry.

Bold new flavors just in time for summer fun

The Original Bomb Pop first appeared on the frozen treat scene in 1955, the brand noted in a May 1 press release. Since then, the frozen pop has earned a place in the pantheon of beloved treats that offer a cool, refreshing way to enjoy hot weather. While fans can't deny the appeal of the original flavor selection, Bomb Pops are now available in a new, fruit-forward mashup flavor, too.

The Candy Clash Bomb Pops were developed to accommodate "the favorite flavors of tweens and teens," just about everyone will enjoy this icy treat, which is available at retailers across the United States. As for the price, fans can pick up a box of 12 Candy Clash Bomb Pops for $4.29. 

Other Bomb Pop mashups include banana fudge, Hawaiian Punch, and Nerds, which features the flavors of the popular crunchy candy.