Dunkin' Just Launched A Butter Pecan Donut To Dunk In Your Coffee

Dunkin' has seen fans go nuts for butter pecan, and the chain has delivered. Customers can now get butter pecan donuts to go with their butter pecan coffee.

The donut was officially announced in an April 26 press release as part of Dunkin's early summer menu. The donut is a soft, classic yeasted shell, filled with butter pecan-flavored creme. It's then glazed with vanilla icing and sprinkled with crunchy butterscotch topping.

Does it stand up to a taste test? TikTok reviewer Munch With Des doesn't like filled donuts but gave it a go anyway. She found that the filling tasted like butter pecan, but a bite of the donut without the filling really just lands as a vanilla donut. YouTuber Meagan Gill wasn't impressed, thinking the butter pecan flavor she was so excited about was missing from the treat. (In her opinion, the star of the butter pecan lineup was the butter pecan macchiato.) From Gill's review, it would seem the donut is a subtle flavor, while the macchiato doesn't mess around. Timmy of Timmy's Takeout, though, has a totally different take; he notes the thick consistency of the creme and the strong, butterscotch-like flavor of the filling.

What else is in the early summer lineup at Dunkin'?

In addition to bringing back the butter pecan swirl for good on its 10-year anniversary, Dunkin' has put forward new menu items and returning seasonal ones for its early summer lineup. 

The new turtle signature latte combines butter pecan and mocha swirls with caramel drizzle and cocoa caramel crumbles over whipped cream. The new butter pecan crunch frozen coffee blends up a frozen butter pecan iced coffee and is then topped the same way as the turtle drink. (Meagan Gill notes in her review that the frozen butter pecan coffee is quite sweet.)

Departing from the land of butter pecan, Dunkin' has brought back the mango pineapple refresher and introduced a raspberry watermelon refresher flavor as, which Timmy of Timmy's Takeout said tasted like a melted watermelon candy. For snacks beyond the butter pecan donut, folks can now find a ham and Swiss stuffed croissant and an iced lemon loaf on the Dunkin' menu, too.