Totally Elevate Your Boxed Mac And Cheese With Just An Avocado

If you're craving a quick and delicious meal, boxed macaroni and cheese is adored by people of all ages. While the childhood classic is certainly tasty on its own, it can get repetitive to eat over and over. If you're looking for an extra element to upgrade your bowl, try mixing in some avocado.

While the added food will add an extra burst of fresh flavor, the creamy consistency will pair well with the noodles and cheese. It can add a little extra variation to the dish in the form of color and flavor without changing too much texturally.

The easiest way to add the avocado is to cook the boxed macaroni and cheese as usual. Then, slice up or cube the avocado and mix it in. But if you're really craving the extra flavor without dicing it up, you can make your cheesy sauce separately, blending the avocado in to incorporate it in an ultra-creamy way.

Add a few other ingredients to resemble another avocado dish

If you really want to amplify your macaroni, you could even try making a bowl full of toppings that you'd typically add to avocado toast. A sprinkling of everything bagel seasoning can add a little extra flavor with sesame and poppy seeds, salt, onion, and garlic. Some added saltiness or seasoning could help balance out the ultra-rich flavors of the cheese sauce and avocado.

Some fresh produce, like onions, peppers, or tomatoes can also add some fresh flavor — plus, they can pair perfectly with the avocado. If you want a little extra protein, you could add in some lobster, smaller cuts of chicken, or a sprinkling of bacon to top the bowl off.

A few years ago, a recipe swapping in the avocado as a cheese replacement made the rounds on social media. Though people weren't exactly on board with the idea, combining the two different flavors could be exactly what you need for a delicious meal.

Avocado can give you a few extra health benefits, too

Depending on how quick and easy you want your meal to be, you could add in a few different elements to change up the pasta dish, or simply mix in some sliced avocado for a little bit of a change. Either way, the addition will surely bring some variation to your dinner plate.

Regardless of how you choose to incorporate it to your macaroni, avocado is a great way to add some extra health benefits to a tasty comfort food. The fruit contains plenty of protein and nutrients. Research shows that avocadoes may even help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and could help prevent heart disease.

The next time you whip up a box of instant mac and cheese for a quick weeknight dinner, check your fridge for a ripe avocado and consider treating your taste buds to an ultra-creamy meal. You might just find your new favorite way to elevate a childhood classic.