Twitter Reacts Badly To This 'Healthy' Macaroni And Cheese Recipe

Twitter users are expressing their outrage at the account @TheFitFood after it shared a PopSugar video on how to make macaroni and cheese using avocado instead of cheese.

According to its profile page, the account is dedicated to posting "tasty videos of healthy food" and typically does not respond to tweets sent in response to their posts. The low-key account was most likely not prepared for this absolute deluge of aggression towards the avocado mac video; the video was posted on PopSugar nearly a year ago and does not seem to have incited a furor at the time.

Macaroni and cheese is widely known as a comfort food, made with copious amounts of Cheddar or Velveeta cheese and butter. But this low-calorie version is shown being made with such nontraditional ingredients as coconut oil, almond flour, avocado, goat cheese, lime, garlic, red chile flakes, basil, and skim milk.

Twitter users were notably upset. They seemed to feel that this green-toned amalgamation of replacement ingredients was making a mockery of the original high-calorie childhood favorite.

There were very few tweets in support of the health-conscious version of the dish....sort of.

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